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Lord Shiva and the Kabbah in Mecca – Hinduism and Islam

Jai Sitaram.

Every year millions of

Musliman(s) go on a pilgrimage to Makkah (Mecca) in Saudi Arabia to visit the Kabba(h). The Kabba is the most sacred site of Islam. The Kabba houses a Black Stone surrounded by a silver frame which many Muslims kiss during their pilgrimage. So how is this Sacred Black Stone related to the Sanatan Dharma?

Many people believe that the Black Stone in Mecca is in-fact a Shiva Lingam.

In Tamil Lord Shiva is known as Kabbahliswar.

The following is

a little history on Arabia and its relation to the Vedic culture of what is now known as India or Bharat.The prophet Muhammad picked something from every great religion so that all practicing Muslims can get blessings from every major God. Since he himself was a born Hindu, needless to say that Hinduism was closest to his heart. That is the reason he chose Shiva and Durga as the Islamic deity and moon as as the universal Islamic symbol.

"Hindus have been referring their Deity moon goddess Durga as "Allah" in Sankrit in their chants since early period of Hinduism"; Ref: Kaaba a Hindu temple

He also chose Hindu God Lord Siva's temple "Kaaba" (built by King Vikramaditya for Moon God Siva) as Islam's holiest place and required all Muslims to pray and bow towards it. In addition he picked Hindu pilgrimage Haj as the highest form of worship and the only worship which washes all the sins away. He made black stone (Hajar Aswad ,the symbolic lingum of Lord Siva , which was made a part of Siva temple Kabah by King

Vikramaditya), as the most revered stone of Islam , to be touched and kissed by all pilgrims.

King Vikramaditya inscription was found in the Kaaba in Mecca proving beyond doubt that the Arabian Peninsula formed a part of his Indian Empire and that he, who highly revered Lord Siva, built the Siva temple called Kabah.. The text of the crucial Vikramaditya inscription, found inscribed on a gold dish hung inside the Kaaba shrine in Mecca, is found recorded on page 315 of a volume known as 'Sayar-ul-Okul' treasured in the Makhtab-e-Sultania library in Istanbul, Turkey. Rendered in free English the inscription says:

"Fortunate are those who were born (and lived) during king Vikram's reign. He was a noble, generous dutiful ruler, devoted to the welfare of his subjects. But at that time we Arabs, oblivious of God, were lost in sensual pleasures. Plotting and torture were rampant. The darkness of ignorance had enveloped Arabia. The entire country was enveloped in a darkness. But the present dawn and pleasant sunshine of education is the result of the favour of the noble king Vikramaditya whose benevolent supervision did not lose sight of the Arabs. He spread his sacred religion amongst them and sent scholars to Arabia from India. These scholars and preceptors through whose benevolence we were once again made cognizant of the presence of God, introduced to His sacred existence and put on the road of Truth, had come to our country to preach their religion and impart education at king Vikramaditya's behest."

Many Kabah stones have Sanskrit words inscribed, however the black curtain covers these inscriptions.

Another Hindu tradition Mohammad maintained from his Hindu days is that of the sacred water concept during Hindu pilgrimage and worship. According to the Hindu tradition sacred water (of Ganga) is also inseparable from the Shiva emblem as the crescent moon. Wherever there is a Siva emblem, sacred water must co-exist. True to that association a sacred fountain exists near the Kaaba. Its water is held sacred because it has been traditionally regarded representing Ganga water since pre-Islamic times (Zam-Zam water). Muslim pilgrims who go to the Kaaba for Haj regard this Zam-Zam water with reverence and take some bottled water with them as sacred water. (like Hindus take Ganga water home from pilgrimage). Many Muslims soak their shrouds with the sacred zam zam water, a religious tradition from their Hindu ancestry of pouring sacred Ganga water on their dead.

Prophet Mohammad also kept the Hindu religious tenet of circumambulating seven times in their religious ceremonies. Our prophet ordered Muslims to go around kabah seven times as part of Haj which was part of Hindu worship prior to capture of Mecca.

Hindus also practice all night worship of moon Goddess Durga (Allah) on certain nights called "Jagratta" and believe that by doing that their worship is worth a lot more blessings. Prophet Mohammad did not want Muslims to lose out on that count and thus included three "Jagratas" in Islam, shab-e-Qadar, Shab-e-Barat and Shab-e-Meraj when Muslim salats are worth a lot more than average salat. Practising Muslims pray during these nights to gain extra blessings.

Prophet Mohammad incorporated the following Hindu religious rituals and concepts to ensure that Muslims also get blessed by Hindu Gods Siva and Hindu Goddess Allah ( Durga)

  1. Adopting Hindu deity moon God Allah as the deity of Islam
  2. Making Hindu Moon God Siva's temple Kaaba as the holiest place of Islam
  3. Making the black stone as the most holy stone of Islam and making touching and kissing of it as a a blissful act of Sunnah.
  4. Adopting the Hindu pilgrimages Haj and Umra as the highest worship in Islam.
  5. Shaving the heads as Hindus do for pilgrimages
  6. Circumambulating the Siva temple Kabah 7 times as Hindus did.
  7. Adopting the Hindu concept of washing all the sins by making the holy pilgrimage.
  8. Collecting holy water representing Ganga Jal (zam zam water) as Hindus do to take holy blessings home.
  9. Wearing White seamless cloth during pilgrimage as Hindus wear during their religious ceremonies and pilgrimages.
  10. Celebrating the completion of worship of Siva temple Kabah by giving it the Hindu Sanskrit name of EidEid.
  11. Including all night worships of moon God Allah (Durga) called Jagratta as part of Islam.

For those who would like to read the Arabic wording I reproduce it hereunder in Roman script:
"Itrashaphai Santu Ibikramatul Phahalameen Karimun Yartapheeha Wayosassaru Bihillahaya Samaini Ela Motakabberen Sihillaha Yuhee Quid min howa Yapakhara phajjal asari nahone osirom bayjayhalem. Yundan blabin Kajan blnaya khtoryaha sadunya kanateph netephi bejehalin Atadari bilamasa- rateen phakef tasabuhu kaunnieja majekaralhada walador. As hmiman burukankad toluho watastaru hihila Yakajibaymana balay kulk amarena phaneya jaunabilamary Bikramatum".
(Page 315 Sayar-ul-okul).
[Note: The title 'Saya-ul-okul' signifies memorable words.]

A careful analysis of the above inscription enables us to draw the following conclusions:
That the ancient Indian empires may have extended up to the eastern boundaries of Arabia until Vikramaditya and that it was he who for the first time conquered Arabia. Because the inscription says that king Vikram who dispelled the darkness of ignorance from Arabia.
That, whatever their earlier faith, King Vikrama's preachers had succeeded in spreading the Vedic (based on the Vedas, the Hindu sacred scriptures)) way of life in Arabia.
That the knowledge of Indian arts and sciences was imparted by Indians to the Arabs directly by founding schools, academies and cultural centres. The belief, therefore, that visiting Arabs conveyed that knowledge to their own lands through their own indefatigable efforts and scholarship is unfounded.

An ancillary conclusion could be that the so-called Kutub Minar (in Delhi, India) could well be king Vikramadiya's tower commemorating his conquest of Arabia. This conclusion is strengthened by two pointers. Firstly, the inscription on the iron pillar near the so-called Kutub Minar refers to the marriage of the victorious king Vikramaditya to the princess of Balhika. This Balhika is none other than the Balkh region in West Asia. It could be that Arabia was wrestled by king Vikramaditya from the ruler of Balkh who concluded a treaty by giving his daughter in marriage to the victor. Secondly, the township adjoining the so called Kutub Minar is named Mehrauli after Mihira who was the renowned astronomer-mathematician of king Vikram's court. Mehrauli is the corrupt form of Sanskrit 'Mihira-Awali' signifying a row of houses raised for Mihira and his helpers and assistants working on astronomical observations made from the tower.

Having seen the far reaching and history shaking implications of the Arabic inscription concerning king Vikrama, we shall now piece together the story of its find. How it came to be recorded and hung in the Kaaba in Mecca. What are the other proofs reinforcing the belief that Arabs were once followers of the Indian Vedic way of life and that tranquillity and education were ushered into Arabia by king Vikramaditya's scholars, educationists from an uneasy period of "ignorance and turmoil" mentioned in the inscription.
In Istanbul, Turkey, there is a famous library called Makhatab-e-Sultania, which is reputed to have the largest collection of ancient West Asian literature. In the Arabic section of that library is an anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. That anthology was compiled from an earlier work in A.D. 1742 under the orders of the Turkish ruler Sultan Salim.

The pages of that volume are of Hareer – a kind of silk used for writing on. Each page has a decorative gilded border. That anthology is known as Sayar-ul-Okul. It is divided into three parts. The first part contains biographic details and the poetic compositions of pre-Islamic Arabian poets. The second part embodies accounts and verses of poets of the period beginning just after prophet Mohammad's times, up to the end of the Banee-Um-Mayya dynasty. The third part deals with later poets up to the end of Khalif Harun-al-Rashid's times.

Abu Amir Asamai, an Arabian bard who was the poet Laureate of Harun-al-Rashid's court, has compiled and edited the anthology.

The first modern edition of 'Sayar-ul-Okul' was printed and published in Berlin in 1864. A subsequent edition is the one published in Beirut in 1932.

The collection is regarded as the most important and authoritative anthology of ancient Arabic poetry. It throws considerable light on the social life, customs, manners and entertainment modes of ancient Arabia. The book also contains an elaborate description of the ancient shrine of Mecca, the town and the annual fair known as OKAJ which used to be held every year around the Kaaba temple in Mecca. This should convince readers that the annual haj of the Muslims to the Kaaba is of earlier pre-Islamic congregation.

But the OKAJ fair was far from a carnival. It provided a forum for the elite and the learned to discuss the social, religious, political, literary and other aspects of the Vedic culture then pervading Arabia. 'Sayar-ul-Okul' asserts that the conclusion reached at those discussions were widely respected throughout Arabia. Mecca, therefore, followed the Varanasi tradition (of India) of providing a venue for important discussions among the learned while the masses congregated there for spiritual bliss. The principal shrines at both Varanasi in India and at Mecca in Arvasthan (Arabia) were Siva temples. Even to this day ancient Mahadev (Siva) emblems can be seen. It is the Shankara (Siva) stone that Muslim pilgrims reverently touch and kiss in the Kaaba.

Arabic tradition has lost trace of the founding of the Kaaba temple. The discovery of the Vikramaditya inscription affords a clue. King Vikramaditya is known for his great devotion to Lord Mahadev (Siva). At Ujjain (India), the capital of Vikramaditya, exists the famous shrine of Mahankal, i.e., of Lord Shankara (Siva) associated with Vikramaditya. Since according to the Vikramaditya inscription he spread the Vedic religion, who else but he could have founded the Kaaba temple in Mecca?

A few miles away from Mecca is a big signboard which bars the entry of any non-Muslim into the area. This is a reminder of the days when the Kaaba was stormed and captured solely for the newly established faith of Islam. The object in barring entry of non-Muslims was obviously to prevent its recapture.

As the pilgrim proceeds towards Mecca he is asked to shave his head and beard and to don special sacred attire that consists of two seamless sheets of white cloth. One is to be worn round the waist and the other over the shoulders. Both these rites are remnants of the old Vedic practice of entering Hindu temples clean- and with holy seamless white sheets.

The main shrine in Mecca, which houses the Siva emblem, is known as the Kaaba. It is clothed in a black shroud. That custom also originates from the days when it was thought necessary to discourage its recapture by camouflaging it.

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Kaaba has 360 images. Traditional accounts mention that one of the deities among the 360 destroyed when the place was stormed, was that of Saturn; another was of the Moon and yet another was one called Allah. That shows that in the Kaaba the Arabs worshipped the nine planets in pre-Islamic days. In India the practice of 'Navagraha' puja, that is worship of the nine planets, is still in vogue. Two of these nine are Saturn and Moon.
In India the crescent moon is always painted across the forehead of the Siva symbol. Since that symbol was associated with the Siva emblem in Kaaba it came to be grafted on the flag of Islam.

Another Hindu tradition associated with the Kaaba is that of the sacred stream Ganga (sacred waters of the Ganges river). According to the Hindu tradition Ganga is also inseparable from the Shiva emblem as the crescent moon. Wherever there is a Siva emblem, Ganga must co-exist. True to that association a sacred fount exists near the Kaaba. Its water is held sacred because it has been traditionally regarded as Ganga since pre-Islamic times (Zam-Zam water).
[Note: Even today, Muslim pilgrims who go to the Kaaba for Haj regard this Zam-Zam water with reverence and take some bottled water with them as sacred water.]

Muslim pilgrims visiting the Kaaba temple go around it seven times. In no other mosque does the circumambulation prevail. Hindus invariably circumambulate around their deities. This is yet another proof that the Kaaba shrine is a pre-Islamic Indian Shiva temple where the Hindu practice of circumambulation is still meticulously observed.

The practice of taking seven steps- known as Saptapadi in Sanskrit- is associated with Hindu marriage ceremony and fire worship. The culminating rite in a Hindu marriage enjoins upon the bride and groom to go round the sacred fire four times (but misunderstood by many as seven times). Since "Makha" means fire, the seven circumambulations also prove that Mecca was the seat of Indian fire-worship in the West Asia.

It might come as a stunning revelation to many that the word 'ALLAH' itself is Sanskrit. In Sanskrit language Allah, Akka and Amba are synonyms. They signify a goddess or mother. The term 'ALLAH' forms part of Sanskrit chants invoking goddess Durga, also known as Bhavani, Chandi and Mahishasurmardini. The Islamic word for God is., therefore, not an innovation but the ancient Sanskrit appellation retained and continued by Islam. Allah means mother or goddess and mother goddess.

One Koranic verse is an exact translation of a stanza in the Yajurveda. This was pointed out by the great research scholar Pandit Satavlekar of Pardi in one of his articles.

[Note: Another scholar points out that the following teaching from the Koran is exactly similar to the teaching of the Kena Upanishad (1.7).

The Koran:
"Sight perceives Him not. But He perceives men's sights; for He is the knower of secrets , the Aware."

Kena Upanishad:
"That which cannot be seen by the eye but through which the eye itself sees, know That to be Brahman (God) and not what people worship here (in the manifested world)."

A simplified meaning of both the above verses reads:
God is one and that He is beyond man's sensory experience.]

The identity of Unani and Ayurvedic systems shows that Unani is just the Arabic term for the Ayurvedic system of healing taught to them and administered in Arabia when Arabia formed part of the Indian empire.
It will now be easy to comprehend the various Hindu customs still prevailing in West Asian countries even after the existence of Islam during the last 1300 years. Let us review some Hindu traditions which exist as the core of Islamic practice.

The Hindus have a pantheon of 33 gods. People in Asia Minor too worshipped 33 gods before the spread of Islam. The lunar calendar was introduced in West Asia during the Indian rule. The Muslim month 'Safar' signifying the 'extra' month (Adhik Maas) in the Hindu calendar. The Muslim month Rabi is the corrupt form of Ravi meaning the sun because Sanskrit 'V' changes into Prakrit 'B' (Prakrit being the popular version of Sanskrit language). The Muslim sanctity for Gyrahwi Sharif is nothing but the Hindu Ekadashi (Gyrah = elevan or Gyaarah). Both are identical in meaning.

The Islamic practice of Bakari Eed derives from the Go-Medh and Ashva-Medh Yagnas or sacrifices of Vedic times. Eed in Sanskrit means worship. The Islamic word Eed for festive days, signifying days of worship, is therefore a pure Sanskrit word. The word MESH in the Hindu zodiac signifies a lamb. Since in ancient times the year used to begin with the entry of the sun in Aries, the occasion was celebrated with mutton feasting. That is the origin of the Bakari Eed festival.
[Note: The word Bakari is an Indian language word for a goat.]

Since Eed means worship and Griha means 'house', the Islamic word Idgah signifies a 'House of worship' which is the exact Sanskrit connotation of the term. Similarly the word 'Namaz' derives from two Sanskrit roots 'Nama' and 'Yajna' (NAMa yAJna) meaning bowing and worshipping.
Vedic descriptions about the moon, the different stellar constellations and the creation of the universe have been incorporated from the Vedas in Koran part 1 chapter 2, stanza 113, 114, 115, and 158, 189, chapter 9, stanza 37 and chapter 10, stanzas 4 to 7.

Recital of the Namaz five times a day owes its origin to the Vedic injunction of Panchmahayagna (five daily worship- Panch-Maha-Yagna) which is part of the daily Vedic ritual prescribed for all individuals.

Muslims are enjoined cleanliness of five parts of the body before commencing prayers. This derives from the Vedic injuction 'Shareer Shydhyartham Panchanga Nyasah'.

Four months of the year are regarded as very sacred in Islamic custom. The devout are enjoined to abstain from plunder and other evil deeds during that period. This originates in the Chaturmasa i.e., the four-month period of special vows and austerities in Hindu tradition. Shabibarat is the corrupt form of Shiva Vrat and Shiva Ratra. Since the Kaaba has been an important centre of Shiva (Siva) worship from times immemorial, the Shivaratri festival used to be celebrated there with great gusto. It is that festival which is signified by the Islamic word Shabibarat.

Encyclopaedias tell us that there are inscriptions on the side of the Kaaba walls. What they are, no body has been allowed to study, according to the correspondence I had with an American scholar of Arabic. But according to hearsay at least some of those inscriptions are in Sanskrit, and some of them are stanzas from the Bhagavad Gita.

According to extant Islamic records, Indian merchants had settled in Arabia, particularly in Yemen, and their life and manners deeply influenced those who came in touch with them. At Ubla there was a large number of Indian settlements. This shows that Indians were in Arabia and Yemen in sufficient strength and commanding position to be able to influence the local people. This could not be possible unless they belonged to the ruling class.

It is mentioned in the Abadis i.e., the authentic traditions of Prophet Mohammad compiled by Imam Bukhari that the Indian tribe of Jats had settled in Arabia before Prophet Mohammad's times. Once when Hazrat Ayesha, wife of the Prophet, was taken ill, her nephew sent for a Jat physician for her treatment. This proves that Indians enjoyed a high and esteemed status in Arabia. Such a status could not be theirs unless they were the rulers. Bukhari also tells us that an Indian Raja (king) sent a jar of ginger pickles to the Prophet. This shows that the Indian Jat Raja ruled an adjacent area so as to be in a position to send such an insignificant present as ginger pickles. The Prophet is said to have so highly relished it as to have told his colleagues also to partake of it. These references show that even during Prophet Mohammad's times Indians retained their influential role in Arabia, which was a dwindling legacy from Vikramaditya's times.

The Islamic term 'Eed-ul-Fitr' derives from the 'Eed of Piters' that is worship of forefathers in Sanskrit tradition. In India, Hindus commemorate their ancestors during the Pitr-Paksha that is the fortnight reserved for their remembrance. The very same is the significance of 'Eed-ul-Fitr' (worship of forefathers).

The Islamic practice of observing the moon rise before deciding on celebrating the occasion derives from the Hindu custom of breaking fast on Sankranti and Vinayaki Chaturthi only after sighting the moon.

Barah Vafat, the Muslim festival for commemorating those dead in battle or by weapons, derives from a similar Sanskrit tradition because in Sanskrit 'Phiphaut' is 'death'. Hindus observe Chayal Chaturdashi in memory of those who have died in battle.

The word Arabia is itself the abbreviation of a Sanskrit word. The original word is 'Arabasthan'. Since Prakrit 'B' is Sanskrit 'V' the original Sanskrit name of the land is 'Arvasthan'. 'Arva' in Sanskrit means a horse. Arvasthan signifies a land of horses., and as well all know, Arabia is famous for its horses.

This discovery changes the entire complexion of the history of ancient India. Firstly we may have to revise our concepts about the king who had the largest empire in history. It could be that the expanse of king Vikramaditya's empire was greater than that of all others. Secondly, the idea that the Indian empire spread only to the east and not in the west beyond say, Afghanisthan may have to be abandoned. Thirdly the effeminate and pathetic belief that India, unlike any other country in the world could by some age spread her benign and beatific cultural influence, language, customs, manners and education over distant lands without militarily conquering them is baseless. India did conquer all those countries physically wherever traces of its culture and language are still extant and the region extended from Bali island in the south Pacific to the Baltic in Northern Europe and from Korea to Kaaba. The only difference was that while Indian rulers identified themselves with the local population and established welfare states, Moghuls and others who ruled conquered lands perpetuated untold atrocities over the vanquished.

'Sayar-ul-Okul' tells us that a pan-Arabic poetic symposium used to be held in Mecca at the annual Okaj fair in pre-Islamic times. All leading poets used to participate in it.

Poems considered best were awarded prizes. The best-engraved on gold plate were hung inside the temple. Others etched on camel or goatskin were hung outside. Thus for thousands of years the Kaaba was the treasure house of the best Arabian poetic thought inspired by the Indian Vedic tradition.

That tradition being of immemorial antiquity many poetic compositions were engraved and hung inside and outside on the walls of the Kaaba. But most of the poems got lost and destroyed during the storming of the Kaaba by Prophet Mohammad's troops. The Prophet's court poet, Hassan-bin-Sawik, who was among the invaders, captured some of the treasured poems and dumped the gold plate on which they were inscribed in his own home. Sawik's grandson, hoping to earn a reward carried those gold plates to Khalif's court where he met the well-known Arab scholar Abu Amir Asamai. The latter received from the bearer five gold plates and 16 leather sheets with the prize-winning poems engraved on them. The bearer was sent away happy bestowed with a good reward.

On the five gold plates were inscribed verses by ancient Arab poets like Labi Baynay, Akhatab-bin-Turfa and Jarrham Bintoi. That discovery made Harun-al-Rashid order Abu Amir to compile a collection of all earlier compositions. One of the compositions in the collection is a tribute in verse paid by Jarrham Bintoi, a renowned Arab poet, to king Vikramaditya. Bintoi who lived 165 years before Prophet Mohammad had received the highest award for the best poetic compositions for three years in succession in the pan-Arabic symposiums held in Mecca every year. All those three poems of Bintoi adjudged best were hung inside the Kaaba temple, inscribed on gold plates. One of these constituted an unreserved tribute to King Vikramaditya for his paternal and filial rule over Arabia. That has already been quoted above.

Pre-Islamic Arabian poet Bintoi's tribute to king Vikramaditya is a decisive evidence that it was king Vikramaditya who first conquered the Arabian Peninsula and made it a part of the Indian Empire. This explains why starting from India towards the west we have all Sanskrit names like Afghanisthan (now Afghanistan), Baluchisthan, Kurdisthan, Tajikiathan, Uzbekisthan, Iran, Sivisthan, Iraq, Arvasthan, Turkesthan (Turkmenisthan) etc.

Historians have blundered in not giving due weight to the evidence provided by Sanskrit names pervading over the entire west Asian region. Let us take a contemporary instance. Why did a part of India get named Nagaland even after the end of British rule over India? After all historical traces are wiped out of human memory, will a future age historian be wrong if he concludes from the name Nagaland that the British or some English speaking power must have ruled over India? Why is Portuguese spoken in Goa (part of India), and French in Pondichery (part of India), and both French and English in Canada? Is it not because those people ruled over the territories where their languages are spoken? Can we not then justly conclude that wherever traces of Sanskrit names and traditions exist Indians once held sway? It is unfortunate that this important piece of decisive evidence has been ignored all these centuries.

Another question which should have presented itself to historians for consideration is how could it be that Indian empires could extend in the east as far as Korea and Japan, while not being able to make headway beyond Afghanisthan? In fact land campaigns are much easier to conduct than by sea. It was the Indians who ruled the entire West Asian region from Karachi to Hedjaz and who gave Sanskrit names to those lands and the towns therein, introduce their pantheon of the fire-worship, imparted education and established law and order.

It may be that Arabia itself was not part of the Indian empire until king Vikrama , since Bintoi says that it was king Vikrama who for the first time brought about a radical change in the social, cultural and political life of Arabia. It may be that the whole of West Asia except Arabia was under Indian rule before Vikrama. The latter added Arabia too to the Indian Empire. Or as a remote possibility it could be that king Vikramaditya himself conducted a series of brilliant campaigns annexing to his empire the vast region between Afghanisthan and Hedjaz.

Incidentally this also explains why king Vikramaditya is so famous in history. Apart from the nobility and truthfulness of heart and his impartial filial affection for all his subjects, whether Indian or Arab, as testified by Bintoi, king Vikramaditya has been permanently enshrined in the pages of history because he was the world's greatest ruler having the largest empire. It should be remembered that only a monarch with a vast empire gets famous in world history. Vikram Samvat (calendar still widely in use in India today) which he initiated over 2000 years ago may well mark his victory over Arabia, and the so called Kutub Minar (Kutub Tower in Delhi), a pillar commemorating that victory and the consequential marriage with the Vaihika (Balkh) princess as testified by the nearby iron pillar inscription.

A great many puzzles of ancient world history get automatically solved by a proper understanding of these great conquests of king Vikramaditya. As recorded by the Arab poet Bintoi, Indian scholars, preachers and social workers spread the fire-worship ceremony, preached the Vedic way of life, manned schools, set up Ayurvedic (healing) centres, trained the local people in irrigation and agriculture and established in those regions a democratic, orderly, peaceful, enlightened and religious way of life. That was of course, a Vedic Hindu way of life.

It is from such ancient times that Indian Kshtriya royal families, like the Pahalvis and Barmaks, have held sway over Iran and Iraq. It is those conquests, which made the Parsees Agnihotris i.e., fire-worshippers. It is therefore that we find the Kurds of Kurdisthan speaking a Sanskritised dialect, fire temples existing thousands of miles away from India, and scores of sites of ancient Indian cultural centres like Navbahar in West Asia and the numerous viharas in Soviet Russia spread throughout the world. Ever since so many viharas are often dug up in Soviet Russia, ancient Indian sculptures are also found in excavations in Central Asia. The same goes for West Asia.

[Note: Ancient Indian sculptures include metal statues of the Hindu deity Ganesh (the elephant headed god); the most recent find being in Kuwait].

Unfortunately these chapters of world history have been almost obliterated from public memory. They need to be carefully deciphered and rewritten. When these chapters are rewritten they might change the entire concept and orientation of ancient history.

In view of the overwhelming evidence led above, historians, scholars, students of history and lay men alike should take note that they had better revise their text books of ancient world history. The existence of Hindu customs, shrines, Sanskrit names of whole regions, countries and towns and the Vikramaditya inscriptions reproduced at the beginning are a thumping proof that Indian Kshatriyas once ruled over the vast region from Bali to Baltic and Korea to Kaaba in Mecca, Arabia at the very least.

SAYAR-UL-OKUL is a poem by UMAR-BINE-HASSNAM (Poetic Title: ABBUL-HIQAM meaning Father of Knowledge). He was an uncle of prophet Mohammed. He refused to get converted to Islam. He died a martyr at the hands of Muslim fanatics who wanted to wipe out non-Muslims. This poem was adjudged as the best in the annual fair at Kaaba.


A man who has spent all his life in sin and immorality and has wasted away his life in passion and fury,


If he repents in the end and wants to return to morality, is there a way for his redemption?


Even if only once he sincerely worships Mahadeva, he can attain the highest position in the path of righteousness.


Oh Lord! Take away all my life and in return pray grant me even a single day's stay in Hind (India) as a man becomes spiritually free on reaching that holy land.


By dint of a pilgrimage of Hind a man attains the merit of noble deeds and gets the privilege of pious touch with ideal Hindu teachers.

It was Islam that extinguished the light of knowledge in Vedic Arabia. It is ironic that the man who brought about such darkness himself belonged to the Qurayshi Tribe of Mecca. The Qurayshi were particularly devoted to Allah (Durga) and the famous Shivling of the Kaaba Temple. The fact that the Shivling remains to this day in the Kaaba is solely due to the fact that it happened to be the Qurayshi tribe's faceless Family Deity. As I mentioned before Muhammad's name itself came from Mahadeva, which is another cognate for Lord Shiva. Muhammad's own uncle, Umar-Bin-E-Hassham was a staunch Hindu and fervent devotee of Lord Shiva. He was a renowned poet and wrote many verses in praise of Shiva. One of these has survived on page 235 of Sair-Ul-Okul and reads as follows:

Kafavomal fikra min ulumin Tab asayru
Kaluwan amataul Hawa was Tajakhru
We Tajakhayroba udan Kalalwade-E Liboawa
Walukayanay jatally, hay Yauma Tab asayru
Wa Abalolha ajabu armeeman MAHADEVA
Manojail ilamuddin minhum wa sayattaru
Wa Sahabi Kay-yam feema-Kamil MINDAY Yauman
Wa Yakulum no latabahan foeennak Tawjjaru
Massayaray akhalakan hasanan Kullahum
Najumum aja- at Summa gabul HINDU

which translates as:

The man who may spend his life in sin
and irreligion or waste it in lechery and wrath
If at least he relent and return to
righteousness can he be saved?
If but once he worship Mahadeva with a pure
heart, he will attain the ultimate in spirituality.
Oh Lord Shiva exchange my entire life for but
a day's sojourn in India where one attains salvation.
But one pilgrimage there secures for one all
merit and company of the truly great.

However, more significant was the fact that the Kaaba was an extremely rich and ornate temple. On its walls hung innumerable gold plaques commemorating the winners of the annual poetry competition known as the Okaj fair. There were gold, silver and precious gems everywhere. It is no wonder that Muhammad armed with his facade of a new brand of religion set out to capture the immense wealth of the Vedic shrine of Mecca. After plundering the riches of the Kaaba, the wealth enabled him to systematically destroy all traces of the religion that threatened him so directly. It is an indisputable fact that money will make any low criminal devoutly religious in a hurry.

  1. Despite the fact that Muhammad had to destroy all traces of Hinduism in order to make his "new religion" work, he knew that in order to fool people convincingly he would have to borrow from the Vedic culture that surrounded him. Being illiterate he picked out rituals and symbols that he didn't understand and distorted and falsified them for his own ends. Here is a list of these distortions:
  2. Muhammad destroyed all 360 idols, but even he could not summon the courage to completely obliterate the Shivling in the Kaaba. He entered the temple and kissed the black stone. The Shivling was so sacred that the man who so detested idol- worship ended up kissing the largest idol in the Kaaba. Later his followers in a fit of piety broke the Shivling and then out of remorse repatched it together again. Today it lies broken at seven places and held together by a silver band studded with silver nails, bearing the name "Sangey Aswad" which came from the Sanskrit Ashwet meaning non-white or black stone.
  3. He jumbled up the Sanskrit words Nama and Yaja (which meant "bowing and worshipping" respectively) into a combination word Namaz and used that to describe his prescribed method of prayer.
  4. Because the Vedic custom was to pray facing the East, in his hatred for all things Hindu, he directed his followers to pray facing only the west.
  5. The method of circling around a shrine seven times in a clockwise direction is an ancient Vedic custom. Muhammad with his lack of originality decided that the 7 ritual perambulations should be retained but again in his hatred of all things Vedic decided the direction of the perambulations should be anti-clockwise.
  6. With his phobia of all things Vedic, Muhammad knew that the greatest reminder and threat to his forced brand of religion were the beautiful Vedic idols of Arabic temples. Thus he destroyed every idol he could find and made idol worship the greatest crime for a Muslim. Such a man could never have comprehended how an abstract concept can be conveyed through a symbolic representation in the form of an image. Thus he made all image representation a sin as well.
  7. Vedic religion is known for its ancient oral tradition. It is well known that the Vedic culture emphasized oral debate and expression far more than the written word. In adition the oral recitation of Vedic scriptures was always done in a lyrical fashion, utilizing music and thus reaching a height of expression. In fear of this musical tradition Muhammad decided to forbid Music.

All Arabic copies of the Koran have the mysterious figure 786 imprinted on them . No Arabic scholar has been able to determine the choice of this particular number as divine. It is an established fact that Muhammad was illiterate therefore it is obvious that he would not be able to differentiate numbers from letters. This "magical" number is none other than the Vedic holy letter "OM" written in Sanskrit (Refer to figure 2). Anyone who knows Sanskrit can try reading the symbol for "OM" backwards in the Arabic way and magically the numbers 786 will appear!


  1. qv.: "Because the Vedic custom was to pray facing the East, in his hatred for all things Hindu, he directed his followers to pray facing only the west."

    This is not correct.
    Other than that - interesting work!

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  2. this is all fake and incorrect. the prophet mohameed never intrested in hindu religeon. in other way he hates all religeons witch fallow idols. and i think islam is the only religen witch reprizent one god and thats true./ so iam ramesh shastri going to convert islam. when r u comming think for ur fath

    1. ramesh ji ur already a muslim..don't fake it

    2. [14:35] Recall that Abraham said, "My Lord, …. protect me and my children from worshiping idols" islam is nothing like hinduism and your'll should learn the facts before defaming another religion with false rumours

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    5. fairy you are ugly HAjre awasd is vry proof that you are pagan worhsippers ,mulisms are pagan worshippers,you are just a stuipid ,islam reject idoltry (good joke ),kiss the hajre aswad,does it make any sense,
      evry year you should kiss it ,round it seven times ,and kiss the stone ,what kind of idiots are ,you just comedy makers ,kiss man made stone hajre aswd,there are tons of such stones exist in the world .round the pagan kiss it hahahha and say i rejected idoltry hehehe.
      you are still in darkest illusion created by demon momo just mediate OM.the form less SUPREME LIGHT,

    6. Muslims, idol-worshippers?

      "We have seen thee turning towards every part of Heaven; but we will have thee turn to Kibla
      which shall please thee. Turn then thy face towards the sacred Mosque, and wherever ye be, turn
      your face, towards that part." 2: 139.)
      C. ~ Now is this trivial idolatry? We should think, it is the crudest form of idolatry.
      Mohammedan. - We Mohammedans are not image-worshippers but image-breakers, because we
      do not believe that Kibla is God.
      C. ~ They too, whom you call image-worshippers, do not regard the image as God. They profess
      to worship God behind the image. If you are image-breakers, why do you not break that big
      image called Kibla (the sacred Mosque).
      M. - Good! We have the authority of the Qoran in turning our faces towards the Kibla, while the
      image-worshippers have none in their Veda to worship images. We most obey God anyhow.
      PAGE 664
      C. ~ Just as you have the authority of the Qoran, the image-worshippers have that of the
      Puraanaas. As you believe the Qoran to be the Word of God, even so do they believe the
      Puraanaas to be the Word of God's incarnation, Vyas. The difference between the Pauranics
      and yourselves is this that you worship a big image, while they bow down before the smaller
      ones. Your case is just the same as that of a man who strains at a gnat but swallows a camel.
      Your Mohammad expunged the worship of small images from the Muslim faith, but introduced
      into it the worship of the sacred Mosque (at Mecca) which is as big as a hill. Is this idol worship
      on a small scale? You could be free yourselves from image-worship and the like evil practices
      only by embracing the Vedic religion and not otherwise. Unless you give up the worship of your
      big image, you should feel ashamed of yourselves and abstain from condemning the worship of
      small images found in other faiths and purify your hearts by avoiding idolatry.


    8. rajaneesh swamy u r mad .... remeber allah n accept islam as ur religion n b muslim......

    9. brother..., listen we hindus are idol worshipers as u said we worship everything.Then y ur kissing a stone in Mecca...,U ppl come out of ur limits study abt Hinduism ..y u afraid to do tat . U cheatenin urself ...n don add cursed words wen talkin abt Holy God..,may LORD SHIVA forgive ur sins!

    10. @Huma Shafiq : there is no smoke without fire..! Did islam has the answer for this mysterious questions..?? u were blindly following ur religion without true facts..!Hinduism is in the roots of many countries which follows islam in contemporary world..! its ur nature not to believe in facts and only believes in scientific reasons said in Quran..! U r religion is very closed and compatible with mere knowledge..!Wish God bless u all with some conscience

    11. Hinduism is the broad concept about God which has interlinked with future religions even before they born...!Worshipping idols has nothing to do with u,can u tell me how many muslims do namaj,it parallely says that Studying without a Book..! How come it is possible..?? the eternal soul is formless and only can be praised with deep spiritual concentration,it is only possible for saints and high spiritual who had attained with meditation..! In repective for the common man Idols are created and worshipped as lighting force of God ..!atleast get this in ur mind stop babbling about Sananthana Dharma ..! U have no rights for insulting other religions and criticize other human race..!atleast get this in ur mind and do ur religious practices with peace..!If u think i did criticized ur religion,i defended and answered for all ur doubts on Holy religion..i do respect Islam not muslims who babble on others with half knowledge..!

    12. There is only one god lord shiva . If u r hindhu or muslim or christian or buddhis or any religion in the world leads to moksha by worshiping lord shiva . So brothers dont fight lets all worship and keep faith on lord shiva ...OM NAMAH SHIVAYA

    13. Frndz agar first thing ur shiva is nothing.. thats fake bcz u make shiva u say thays ur god so tm inhay q make krtay ho ap hand say tm ma say kisi nay apnay god ko dekha ha? i thought ni so how u make his faces... We muslims belive Allah Noor ha .. so hum ma say koi unhay daikh ni sakta. so we dn't make him unho nay Hmarai taraf Nabi Bhaijay The last one Mohammad(P.B.U.H) hum to un ki b pix ni bna de bcz na un k jaisa r tmam Nabi jaisa koi ni unki Shan he different ha but tm hindu 2 Apnay he god k faces bna de ho...plz give me ans

    14. Hinduism is a sanatan dharm....sanatan means till the end of time and dharm means religion....and Hinduism is the first religion on earth and will definitely be the last.....all other religions -islam, Christianity,Buddhism,sikhism,jainism are evolved out of Hinduism.��

  3. V.R.YADAV said
    i am really suprisEd when iam read the kabha history. i belive all religion gods that only one god.sub ka mallik ek LORD SHIVA.when hinduism founded that time there is no islam.bagavathgetha ,quaran was same.allaha,maca,kabha these are not arabic language these are sanskrith or tamil languages. muslims belive 786 is alucky number. that numbers are taken sanskrith. A recent archeological find in Kuwait unearthed a gold-plated
    statue of the Hindu deity Ganesh. A Muslim resident of Kuwait requested
    historical research material that can help explain the connection between Hindu civilisation and Arabia.]
    kabha is alord shiva temple

    Even to this day the central object of veneration at both Mecca and Varanasi continues to be the ancient Mahadeva emblems. It is the Shankara stone which Muslim pilgrims reverently touch and kiss in the Kaaba. ENTRY OF NON-MUSLIMS FORBIDDEN A few miles away from Mecca is a big signboard which forbids entry to any non-Muslim in the area.

    1. Om Namah Shivaya!! I am not a Hindu Or Muslim or any other religion But I am human and Belives the god . God is infinity and only has one to create this whole universe .. i bow to lord Shiva who is supreme who doesn't have body only soul is existed and that is within our body we are the part of the great lord ..

  4. Buddy hajre aswad is not black! it is a white stone which turns increasingly black when man kisses it absorbing their sins. the day it turns black muslims believe the world will end. also shivling is supposed to be shiva's penis and hajre aswad has no such genital connotations. the prophet himself said that this stone on its own has no value as no stone does but i respect it only because my Lord commands it. P.s. the only thing that makes one a muslim is believing that there is only one God, and Muhammad was of (one of) His messengers. Everything else just makes you a true believer which could be from any faith as long as he believes in one god who can not be limited to a form. Also there are certain other deeds which make you a non-muslim and they are all sins against people because the right of the people is more sacred in God's eyes than his own Law. Study Islam and then point fingers at it. The absolute universality of Islam exists in its very name which is just a word for submission (to God) not an ethnic or social brand like all the other religions!

    1. so if lord shiva is so powerful why did he let his penis get cut off. i think yourll should look at the flaws in your beliefs cause your'll should not be so insecure to create all this falls non sense. muslims do not worship stons are man made objects like your'll do.

    2. I think all the saying in this site are very true and I have to think about it to be a muslim further...

      If we are muslim have to accept that we all are worshiping Shiva and indirectly we all are Hindus.. so we all have to acept that all muslims are basically are Hindus.... so why not accept Hindusium and worship directly to the almighty......

      allah (Shiva) hafiz

    3. first thing its not lord shiva penis it is formless shapless object signifing as god is formless all say god is one but people as they are, born in any religion cant go out and respect all other .its shame.... when hinduism came ,when islam came christiniy came sikhism came,satsahib came cleary depicts everything one was not happy so he change its way with the same soil but different projection we all have same composition and will go to same place to our prospective lok or in god himself and never born.. but how a person can go to our father pita if we hate other god .god for us our idle like some idla mean the one who are so good that we try so much we cannot be like them .so we respect and bow down simple not they have power not me .for those who demand powers help are using god .reading and listning is not conclusion for that are also written here and by human who have died the ulimate truth is in us good humans respect all love all

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  6. salehauxma u r So funny ,
    u r stricty idolatory ,
    first HAve Common sense
    how White Rock becomes Black After touching,
    Isalm is A corrupted term of ishwaraalaayam ,
    frm Sanskrit,
    ur right Sub mission to god ,ur copied that from hinduism,
    u dont have history Bc ,we hindu's are ur fore fathers ,fore fathers of

    all the world ,
    Sang- e -aswad is corrupted term of Asweta ,Sweta white ,Asweta

    which is not white black
    Sang- shila stone ,
    First kknow ur history and then talk,pre -Islamic are hindus Only

    ,hindus are fore Fathers of the world ,
    All abhrahamic religions ,judaism ,christiyaanity,isalm are Emerged

    from judaism,
    Christions Dont have history ,Before Christ
    ,islam Dont have history before 1400 Years ,
    Because we hindu's r ur History ,the jews
    are from vaishvism of hinduism,

    All ur quran copied From upanishad ,gita of hindu ,
    ThE MOhemmed found in Bhavishya puarana 3000bc,
    First know ur History then Talk ,
    Read all vedas ,Upanishads,Gita of hinduism
    Then talk ,u find islam is just bubble in the sea of hinduism !
    To know More About god contact Brahma kumaris Nearest to u ,

    1. islam is not a bubble of see in hinduism. how can your own culture produce so many gods i think it is non sense. my mom is a hindu and i dispise your'lls thinking. why would any god tell you to pray to a clay object. in islam it is clearly noted that idol worship is wrong i think what your'll are doing is wrong, as i spoke to hindu preist and they have stated that many of your'll do not follow your'lls own sanskrit. [14:35] Recall that Abraham said, "My Lord, …. protect me and my children from worshiping idols"

    2. I am thinking that before our relign islam ther was only Hindu relign and we have to accept that the Hindu relign is the first relign and we all muslims are basically forcefully converted to islam by the previous kings.
      I have to think to be a muslim further....

    3. fairy you are doing so much comedy here ,you are an idiot ,HINUDISM is true and perfect religion,
      vedas teach oneness of GOD,the supreme reality,
      parabrahman the Formless supreme light.
      islam is fake just copied from surrounding religions ,
      1.islam rejects idolty,and kiss hajre aswad(what a comedy -fundation of islam tussss) does it make any sence ?,you dont do what you write,perhaps you dont know the meaning some words also like peace,islam is just repacked paganism ,you still worhip Pagan idiotically ,kiss it ,one stone round it seven tomes ,say i dont worship idol,whta kind of idiots pigs you are to kiss mecca stone that is great thing islam and you should do yearly,(kiss the yaerly)and rejects idoltry(islam is just comedy maker)
      Hinduism always teaches GOD is OM the form less supreme light ,it as not idoltry as you Muslim pigs think,
      just go thuorh it

    4. muslims are nt pig u r pig hindu bastard fuckers mind ur language who the hell r u to decide god n all.... fuckers mind ur toung u guys shuld b sorry to ALLAH n should also remember u also have to die n have to face ALLAH how will u face ALLAH if u use such bad words atleast respect other religion if u dun obey them my advise fr u hindus or nonmuslims ..... accepy islam as ur religion plz n ask ALLAH to frgive ur sins.. AMEEN

    5. What if I don't convert to Islam and pray to ur Allah? won't he forgive me from my sins?
      Islam means total sacrifice to God- which is the only way to attain Moksha (in terms of Hindu faith).
      Buddies- we r into 21st century! Those who say muslims are actually Hindu and calling them pigs- don't you feel that u actually abusing ur own race?
      And to u Mr. Shafiq- Don't ever try to force anyone to choose the path u have chosen- it's up to the person which way to go. Nobody needs to be Muslim only to bow in front of Allah.
      I request u to actually try to ever understand or know what Hinduism says, hopefully u will change ur conception about the religion.
      Allah has bestowed u with consciousness and logic! use it- don't b bull headed about anything.
      May Lord Shiva help u to be enlightened!

  7. I say to all hindu,Islam mean surrender your wil and your desire submit to one true god and worship him.Islam is not new religion.when god sent messenger to humanbeing for guidence to worship one true god. after messenger gone from this world people are worship many god and gone astray from one true god worship.from the world start to until now, there is one hundred twenty four thousend massengers that came and muhammed (s.a.w) is the last prophet so we muslim not worship balck stone but we follow god command praying this direction.we not ask any help from black stone and final all massenger are muslim and his religion is islam.

    1. I have doubt in your post llyas but I am thinking and readin more about the Hindusim and I have found many intersting things in vedas and come to know that this is true relign which we don't accept. Because indirectly we are also worshiping idol which is kabba. If we are against idol worshipping then why we go to kabba and worship a black ston which Hindu saya that Lord Shiva then ?...

    2. Mubarak hussain(fake name created here).. You are a wolf hiding under a sheep's skin.. I am sure you are not a muslim as you have not even a percent idea of what Kaaba is you fool...

    3. sahi pkda shuaib tmne ye sala koi galeech shaitan hai, sedhi si bat hai suaib is zameen pr khudayi dawa sirf shaitano(rakshcaso)ne hi kiya hai allah ke nabiyo ne nahi, ye shiva,vishnu aor brahma shaitan ibleesh k hi roop hai yha tk ki usse bdkr hai. ye kafir geeta me krishna ke dwara btaye gye khuda ke swaroop ko manne se inkar krte hai to hmari kyu manege,krishna ne kha khuda ka koi nhi hai wo akela hai uski koi family nhi hai jbki in teeno shaitano ki family hai isse sabit hota hai ki ye sb daittya hai. isiliye khuda ne muhammad(s.a.w) ko bheja ki jao aor in shaitano ki hasti ko mita do.


    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. This is one proof how the Hinduism came into existence by spreading all the rumours Innocent people(Hindus) believes whatsoever they tell. Request to all the readers, please read about Prophet Muhammed(PBUH) and Kaaba atleast from the Wikipedia.

  8. U r the most idiot person i have ever known through internet ... what u have done by making such odd pic , u put a Shibba lingo... on the most holy place named by kabbah .... remove it if you want to be cursed . You are the most dumb person of the world.

    1. Religions are literally a group of laws set for human beings to live properly , whether it is hindu muslim or christians , at the end we have hunger , we feels happy , we cry wen we are sad and we die at the end .... and all this religions are derived from different cultures , we can see influence of some of the cultures in the other , so there is no wrong in it

  9. dear br.

    Your knowing islam is the True Religion, so that is why your wrote the lie.

    Thank you

    1. Religions are literally a group of laws set for human beings to live properly , whether it is hindu muslim or christians , at the end we have hunger , we feels happy , we cry wen we are sad and we die at the end .... and all this religions are derived from different cultures , we can see influence of some of the cultures in the other , so there is no wrong in it

    2. But the fact is in this post...

      I am muslim and I respect all relign....

    3. islam is true falsest religion -

      Now we shall examine (the doctrines of) the Mohammedan religion.
      1. "(I begin this book) In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful." (1*:1.)
      C. ~ The Mohammedans claim that this Q’uran is the Word of God, but it appears from the above
      passage that the author of this book was some person other than God, since had it been God
      himself, He would not have said: "(I begin this book) in the name of God etc." He would have,
      instead, said: "I write this book for the instruction of mankind." If it be said that by beginning His
      book in this fashion He means to teach men as to what they should say when about to do a thing,
      it cannot be true, since some men will do even sinful deeds in the name of God and thereby bring
      disgrace on Him.
      If (the Mohammedan) God be merciful, why has He sanctioned that men should inflict great
      suffering on other creatures by killing them for their food? Are not these animals innocent? Are
      they not His creatures? He should have also advised men to begin only good deeds in His name
      and not evil ones. Thus the passage (under discussion) is quite ambiguous. Should even such
      sinful acts, as theft, adultery, untruthfulness in speech, begun in God's name? Very likely it is on
      account of this ambiguity that the (Mohammedan) butchers etc., mutter "In the name of God, the
      compassionate, the most Merciful as the moment of cutting the throats of cows and other
      It is clear then that the Mohammedans do begin even evil deeds in the name of God. The
      Mohammedan God can never be called Merciful, because He shows no mercy towards those
      animals (whose slaughter He sanctions). If the Mohammedans do not know the true meaning of
      this passage, its revelation is of no use

      * This number refers to Sura or Chapter. - Tr.

      to mankind. But if the Mohammedans interpret it differently, we should like to know what its plain
      meaning is.

    4. Refer quran properly for u answer c DR ZAKIR NAIK videos for u r doubts

    5. Fuck zakir naik......he is a mutherfucker......🖕

  10. It is such an interesting thing having this post of yours. I was interested with the topic as well as the flow of the story. Keep up doing this. lidocaine

  11. this is a bogus article and with millions of people in the world do not agree. have respect for other peoples beliefs do not be so insecure with your own religion that you need to compare and uplift it by putting down other religions

  12. rumous are created by jealous people spread by fools and beleived by idiots. dont hate on another religion

    1. the first rumour is allah is god,but he is never god.

      Allah actions more devilish than godly.

      6. "There is an infirmity in their hearts and God hath increased that infirmity." (2: 9.)
      C. ~ Well did God increase their infirmity, while they were innocent? Did He not have pity on
      them? They must have suffered terribly indeed. Is not this act more devilish than that of the
      Devil? To seal their hearts and increase their infirmity could never be the work of God inasmuch
      as the increase of infirmity is the result of one's own sinful actions.
      7."Who hath spread the earth as a bed for you and the heaven as a covering." (2: 20.)
      C. ~ Well! Can the heaven a covering for anything? Now does it not show ignorance (of the
      author of the Qoran)?

      It is absurd to believe in the sky being a covering. If the Mohammedans believe some kind of
      planet to be the heaven, it can only be the work of their own imagination

    2. islam is not a jageer of any one...
      that time also peoples trying
      this time also peoples trying
      how many times your trying
      ALLAH the name of one
      how many gods in your religion
      pani ka bhi bhagwan hai toh tum wo pani kaha kaha istemaal karte ho
      har cheez ko tum jaise logo ne bhagwaan bana ke rak diya
      har cheez ka putla bana dete ho aur kehte ho bhagwaan hai
      tumhare bhagwaan bhi patther ke aur neta loog bhi patther ke farq kya rehgaya hai neta logo mein aur bhagwaano mein
      tum qhud mazhab nahi samajte aur apni hi sahi kehte hooo
      ishi mein tum barbaad horahe hooo.
      ek ko manna shuru kardo
      kab tak bhago gee tum loog islaam see
      ek din tumhe aana hi hai sachai janni hai
      aur wo tab hoga jab tum duniya ki mohabbat hata doge..
      tumhari asliyat jaan na shuru karoge..
      ye bakwaas kaamo mein lage rehne se kuch hasil hone wala nahi yaad rakhlooo

    It was very interesting to know the facts and here some of them are speaking about insecurity i request them all to think about themselves and then speak. who are more insecure and who speaks more negavetily of other religions.

  14. Mindblowing beautiful n marvlous discovery this should be properly strored n distribute so that evry budy can informed about this dr kislay dutt

  15. You are insane.. You have no idea about the oneness of God and the faith in Islam. Really I think discussing with you will be debating with a mentally cheap creature. People here I do not want to hurt your feelings but I was told about some book on Shiva by a Hindu believing author who described Shiva as a tribal man who was good in his martial arts and dancing abilities. He was sent to know about a civilization of Naga which they thought to be bad and satanic but then he came to know it was a good civilization and there he joined the civilization and impressed Parvathi with his dancing abilities and Parvathi was a talented fighter. Shivan became a good leader later marrying Parvathi who was from a ruler family. Parvathi was already a married woman and she had a disabled(born with extra grown body parts) son who is Vinayagar/Ganapathi and the practice of that civilization was to send such disabled born people to forest to be trained and used during war if found talented and Murugan was born normal. These people are normal human beings lived ages ago. Vishnu was a title given to noble warriors and Rama was the 7th person to receive this title and hence he was known as 7th avathar of Vishnu.

    1. mr. mohamed shuaib, i think you need to revisit ur basic concepts of mythology, fiction and non-fiction. u r talking about a book that u have not even read. i tell u the name. these r two books 1)immortals of meluha 2)secret of the nagas. these two r written by amish tripathi and r FICTIONS. these r not reality.they r the imaginations of the author.Before participating in a debate start reading and not believing anybody without using ur mind.this shows u r not even eligible to argue.

    2. Mr. mr. mohamed shuaib..i can explain about you..>> are goint to be believe on a fictious book ok..please go on a authentic would know reality..?..and there are many sanskrit saying at makka..what is it>>..was your allaha don't know any language.

      And now i am going to explain about islam..Do you know about your origin..? have been living for about 1000 years..and you and worlds know that Hindu is worlds oldest religion..So we don't need you explanation. All world know about us.

    3. Bro aik baat btao k jb 2 admi aik he mulk k minister ho jain 2 wo mulk ni chala saktay howz that possible k tmharay itnay khuda ho kr Universe sai chala rahay ha reality is Islam is True God is One ... And Remember one thing siri lanka ma tmhara Wo ki Ram tha wo gaya tha but waha hindunism ni ha... and Makakh ma Hmaray Nabi aye and every country ma muslims ha.. think about it Sunil Kumar..

  16. Mohamed Shuaib you are son of bitch ugly satan, you are ugly gay,and son of gay satns ,You are insane.You have no idea about the oneness of God and the faith in hinduism.mohmmed never never never know allah. Really I think discussing with you will be debating with a mentally cheap creature.
    The name allah is (al ilah)(The God),it is the arabic translation of the word God ,it is not a name of god ,it is the arabic translation of the word God ,thats all ,the word allah is not a proprty of mohmmed ,or islam ,it is the proporty of launguage .mohmmed dont know grammer also he is an idiot and satan he never never never know alllah .he is satan .he wrote quran againist the will of allah ,the violence and hatedness in satan islam proves that .why you all people idiotically kiss the black stone sang e aswad ,do you feel that stone as as allah ,and that willl be the graetest thing for all muslims in their entire life ,was gaysatnmohmmed restricted idoltry ,or allowed idoltry ? in this is what greatest sinner of the world son of bitch satan gay mohmmed teach you to deceive other graet universal religions. People of gay satnic muslims here I do not want to hurt your feelings but I was told about some book on gaymohmmed(gayislam's satnic prophet ) by a gay muslim believing author who described gaymohmmed as a tribal man son of the satans and gays , who was good in his sucking dicks asses of child ,arts and gay and animal fucking abilities.gaymohmmed is son of bitch .he is gay .and uglyest satan ,he will drink all animals piss ,hunamd beings also ,one he thought creating the one and and satanic ugly gays religion ,and that what satan islam ,all muslims are sartas and gays ,they drink animal piss ,torture their wife and gay partners.islam is an anti peace ,gay dominated religion allah cursed and killed mohmmed and allah cursed the satan islam
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    Fuck off the gay islam!fuck off the gay mohmmed .


    2. teri bhasa say malum hota hai mohammad nay kya shikhaya hai islam may tujhe. hinduo ki badaulat unki fheki hui jhuti roti par palnaywalo kido agar raja vikramaditya mecca may mandir nahi banvate to mohammad islam kaha khada karta tere ghar may. jab teri maut hogi to tere samnay yamraj khade rahengey tab tujhe malum padega mai andheray may jeta raha(islam ek fake relegion). allah ko koi nahe dekha uskey banddho nay bhi nahi, par RAM ke har sache bandhe nay unhe dehka hai.
      waqt hai sudhar ja estaray ki gali tujhe he jalaigi aur jinn saitan banegy.ek achcha musalman ban dekhave par mat kud.

    3. kya bat sir bahut achi pic de di apane aapko mera pyar bhara bhara namaskar ,,,,,,,,,,,,jay hind ,,,,,,,,,,,jay bharat

  17. swamy tu hosh me aa ja wrna dauda dauda kr mara jayega ishwar(Allah) ne kah diya hai ki jo muhammad(s.a.w.) ka nhi wo mera nhi aor tune to limit cross kr di hai wo hr khata maaf kr skta hai pr apne pyare mehboob(s.a.w.)k khilaf bolne wale ko maaf nhi kr skta ab bhi waqt hai sachchyi accept kr le aor shaitaan ke avataro(vishnu, shiv aor brahma) ko pujna bnd krde.
    tera aaghori shiv teri aurto, betiyo aor bahno ko apna penish chatwata hai, sahalwata kya ye is bat ka praman nhi ki wo ek chhichhora shaitan hai qki koi bhi bhagwan(massenger) itni ghatiya harkat nhi kr skta. khol le apni aankhe aor sudhar ja wrna nrak ki aag me jhonke jaoge aor usi shivling se faade jaoge.

    1. what rubbish mr. mohammed. tumhara naam to itna pak hai, aur soch itni giri hui. jab itna ganda likh sakte ho to kitni gandagi hogi tumhare andar. tum kisi ke bhagwaan ki is tarah se bezzati kar rahe ho,is baat se hi saabit hota hai ki tum apne religion ki bhi koi izzat nahi karte. tumne dikha diya ki tumhare religious teachers tumhe nafrat ke sivay kuch nahi sikha sakte.maan lo agar bhagwaan shiv hi tumhaare allah ho to ye baat janane ke baad kya tum apne aap ko maaf kar paoge?agar nahi to aaj ke baad kisi aur dharma ke baare me itni giri hui baat mat karna, aur agar ha to mujhe maaf karna maine galat insaan se insaaniyat ki ummeed lagayi.

    2. Mr. mohammed do you know what is shivling..?..and why we worship it..? are also living as a fiction...You speaks anything about you think a single time about it..?..what the logic behind it..We hindu follow the authenticity and true logic..We are not living in air as you are..ok.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. to all muslims,hindus,christanity and all others religion...i want 2 say smthing to all of u allah ,shiva,god these are the different names to worship d same god, if u say hinduism is the oldest religion to worship god or shiv or allah it the true fact with all the proofs..but different people have different mentality to worship d same god becos worship means (god,shiva allah) and they are all just one,now even a sec two...
    now only to muslims and christian who misunderstand the shiva d only god and allah is not only a being a dancer,a deity but d only supreme .we relate him with his wife parvati only bcos parvati is nothing but is itself merged in shiva u just can separate them just like for a child given birth by two being male and female but jointly known as d same case shiva and parvati are d only god in two forms and their sons are the symbols of the complete family as teaching the whole world about a complete family...
    (these al have mean mention in shiva purana might be only epic but it only reveals about the true god i.e only shiv)

  19. sorry in the above post in the sixth line last word should be 'not' instead of 'now' sorry 4 d mistake...thankx

  20. all muslims Listen ,you all are PAGAN worshippers ,hajre aswd is the very proof of it. should go yeary to see and kiss the stone pagan ,
    2.round the seven times and kiss the sttone pagan.
    haha and say we rejected idoltry what a comedy ,you are just fools and pagan worshippers .proved
    hajre aswad is the very proof of it. the foundation of pagan islam(tussss broken ).hahaaha

  21. Muslims, idol-worshippers?

    "We have seen thee turning towards every part of Heaven; but we will have thee turn to Kibla
    which shall please thee. Turn then thy face towards the sacred Mosque, and wherever ye be, turn
    your face, towards that part." 2: 139.)
    C. ~ Now is this trivial idolatry? We should think, it is the crudest form of idolatry.
    Mohammedan. - We Mohammedans are not image-worshippers but image-breakers, because we
    do not believe that Kibla is God.
    C. ~ They too, whom you call image-worshippers, do not regard the image as God. They profess
    to worship God behind the image. If you are image-breakers, why do you not break that big
    image called Kibla (the sacred Mosque).
    M. - Good! We have the authority of the Qoran in turning our faces towards the Kibla, while the
    image-worshippers have none in their Veda to worship images. We most obey God anyhow.
    PAGE 664
    C. ~ Just as you have the authority of the Qoran, the image-worshippers have that of the
    Puraanaas. As you believe the Qoran to be the Word of God, even so do they believe the
    Puraanaas to be the Word of God's incarnation, Vyas. The difference between the Pauranics
    and yourselves is this that you worship a big image, while they bow down before the smaller
    ones. Your case is just the same as that of a man who strains at a gnat but swallows a camel.
    Your Mohammad expunged the worship of small images from the Muslim faith, but introduced
    into it the worship of the sacred Mosque (at Mecca) which is as big as a hill. Is this idol worship
    on a small scale? You could be free yourselves from image-worship and the like evil practices
    only by embracing the Vedic religion and not otherwise. Unless you give up the worship of your
    big image, you should feel ashamed of yourselves and abstain from condemning the worship of
    small images found in other faiths and purify your hearts by avoiding idolatry.

  22. " Pls respect ur own religion ! " if u r a true Hindu then respect other's RELIGION & Sanatan Satyam pls stop ur habit of publishing such articles which makes 2 religions fight . """"I don't think so ur religion teaches u to insult other's religion ! """"
    HOPE U GOT IT ! :(


    1. lekin ab sanatan dharam bacha kaha hai tumlogo ne iska huliya hi bigaad diya hai,sanatan mane saty aor satya hai ki ALLA(ishwar) ke siwa koi poojni nhi hai par tum logo ne apne liye 33carore ALLah(devi devta) bana liye hai, fir bhi duggi peet,te ho ki sanatani ho....ab aage suno sanatan dharam ka huliya bigada tum logo ne isliye usi sanatan dharam ko ALLAH ne islam dharam banakar bhej diya aor is bar ALLAH ne mohammad mustafa sallallah ho alaih wa sallam ko iski bagdor saunpi, aor mohammad(s.a.w) ne apna kaam bakhoobi anjaam diya.. sudhar jao hinduo islam hi sachcha dharam hai. apni gardane jhuka do ALLAH ke samne ebadat ke sath tumhara udhdhar ho jayega...

  24. Ur lines , to me - " U r such a big idiot " . Is ths the way u wnt me 2 give respect 2 the """ HUMANITY OR PEOPLE ! """ first u learn 2 respect others then point at thm ! & U PEOPLE AREN'T DISCUSSING U R INSULTING ! @ TARUN

  25. hey wait wait,their is a proof that hinduism came first,from that other religions came emerged,you can find shiva statue in egypth,compodia,japan,isreal mecca,japan & even in china source is national geography found that shiva in egypth & combodia...!.even mayans ancient americans worship hindu gods....!.another proof only that enlighten bring message to kamsa that krishna is going to kill him...!.same enlightment is mention in musslim too...!.in bhagavath geetha & bible you can find that god will going to appear on white horse,in bhagavath geetha the god is mention as kalki....!.I am here,to explain that all god is one,they just took various Avatars ...!.they only create a way to various religions....!.because diff people have diff attitude,according to that they created holy ways to live for goodness to earth...!.thats it....!.stop fighting here....!."feel all god as one",just its my point of view...!.

    1. sabka malik ek!
      Jay sainath maharaj
      har har mahadev
      ya allah

  26. Arnt you ashamed of writing this nonsence.God will fry u in oil and will put some red chill over you bcoz you have created this stupid story vikramadATYA BUILT KABA WHAT THE hell go and shit on guys dont have brains for it is replaced by lingam which keeps sprouting out this semen mixed stories .I recommend you that whenever u feel writing a story of this kind go to toilet and shit there mix ur story with shit and flush it

    1. mr. manzoor muzaffar,i want to know whether u r educated or not. because ur comments show the brain of a beast.u r the highest example of how ugly can someone think. if someone is representing his views and studies, u can argue with some proof. but in absence of any proof u r just scratching the have the right to present ur views but in good language and proper words.believe me u represent ur community. and presently, u r just ashaming ur muslim brothers, if u r realy concerned to ur community.

    2. deep green ji, aap logo ko ye galafahmi hai ki islam 1400 saal pahle aaya hai,deep ji islaam to srasti ka pahla mazhab hai ,aadam ki 10th peedhi me manu{yani nooh} aaye aor har ek paigamber ne islam ko failaya islam ek khuda {ishwar} ki ebadat ki seekh deta hai,lekin manu ki 3,4 peedhiyo tak to log unke btaye raste par chale lekin uske baad gumraah hote chale gaye aor murti pooja karne lage, jara soncho jis khuda ne hame jita jagta insaan bnaya uske badle me tum log na jane kya sochkar uski bejaan murti bnate ho kya us ishwar se hisab brabar kar rahe ho ki tune hame bnaya hai to ham bhi tujhe bnayenge,aor rahi baat sabhi bhagwaan ek hai to ye bhi aap logo ki galatfahmi hai jinhe tum log bhagwan kahte ho darasal wo sab insaan hi hai fark sirf itna hai ki unhe allah ne shaktiya dekar special insaan bana jitne bhi bhagwaan hai sab usi khuda ki ebadat me leen rahte hai.par tum logo ne apne vedo ko to padha nahi ya fir padha hai to unhe mana nahi qki agar mante to murti pooja nhi karte,qki yajur ved me likha hai "na tasya pratima asti" means us ishwar ki koi pratima nahi hai.
      aor hindu dharam ka braham sutr kya hai "ekam brahma aduti na aast na aast neh kinchan aast."means ek hi ishwar hai dusra nahi hai jara si bhi nahi hai.aor muslimo ka brahma sutr jise ham kalima kahte hai "la ilaha ill lallah" means keval khuda hi pooja ke kabil hai aor koi nhi .matlab saaf hai hmara brahma sutr ek hi hai bas fark itna hai ki ham mante hai tum log nhi mante.vedo me likha hai ki us parmeshwar ke na to bibi hai na bachche na ristedar wo akela hai,hmari Quran me bhi yahi likha hai,bas fark itna hai ham mante hai tum log nhi mante.rahi baat shankar bhagwaan ki to wo ishwar nahi hai qki unki family hai.....
      baki sister mai aap ko samjha nahi sakta bas ek mashwara de sakta hu ki suni sunayi baato par vishwas na karke ek baar khud apne vedo ko padho,qki original sanatani sirf muslim hai aap log nahi qki aap log seedhe raste se bhatak chuke ho.

  27. Allah is derived from sanskrit word 'Al-ilahat' meaning the moon deity in lord shiva head. And if you see the doom of the mosque it represents the outline of Mount.Kailash surprisngly. Kaaba is derived from Kaabaleeshwar.Muhammad's uncle Umar-Bin-E-Hassham wrote these lines which have been found on Pg.235 of Sair-Ul-Okul which states 'Lord shiva is the only god'. Can any muslims rule out that..??? Also can you rule out that once your forefathers were Hindus who got converted to Islam..???

    1. I think u r correct. Thanks for this info.

  28. I am very happy that some people is searching for the reality of HINDU Vs ISLAM.

    I want to warn to every Islamic people that - "TRUTH IS EVERGREEN".

  29. forefathers ne galtiya ki to kya tum bhi karoge tum hinu ho jo 33 carore devi devtao ko apna khuda mante ho aor hum hai sachche sanatani(muslim) jo sirf ek power ki ebadat krte hai aor wo power hai ALLAH.
    aor ek kahawat hai jab jago tabhi savera isliye hinduo hat chhod do hat karne walo ka anjaam ravan, kamsa, tadkasur and many other rakshas logo ki trah hota hai..........sudhar jao abhi waqt hai tumhare pas

    1. tumne jab asuro ka naam liya hi hai to bata du ki asuro ki pravritti tum dikha rahe ho.dusro ki shraddha pe apshabda kehna. aur ye jo tum baar baar 33 crore devi devtaon ki baat kar rahe ho to tumhe bata du ki ye saare devi devta ek hi hain. ab tum apni ma ko maa kaho ,ammi kaho, mummy kaho ya amma kaho hai to wo tumhaari maa hi na.lekin ye baat samajhne ke liye dimag ki zaroorat hoti hai jiska tumse door door tak koi waasta nahi hai ye tumne apni pichli comments me saabit kar diya hai. muslims ki to naak katwa di tumne.
      adhiktar hindu itne broad minded hote hain ki jab wo kisi masjid ke ssaamne se jaate hain to sir jhuka lete hain. lekin ye dariyadili bahut kam muslims me hi hoti hai. waise main isme unka kasoor nahi maanti.main muslims ke traditions, unki soch ko pasand nahi karti. lekin chahe muslims kitni bhi giri hui harkat kyu na kar le, main kabhi allah ke baare me kuch galat nahi keh sakti. kehna to door soch bhi nahi sakti.kyuki sanatani soch to yehi kehti hai na ki ishwar ek hai. agar main unhe bhagwaan shiv kehti hu aur tum allah, tab bhi wo hain to ek hi na.allah ke liye kuch galat kehna mere bhagwaan ka apmaan hoga. aur main ye kabhi nahi kar sakti.aur tumse bhi yehi aasha karti hu ki apni soch ke daayre ko badhakar dekhoge to tumhe koi antar nazar nahi aayega aur ye nafrat kafur hone lagegi.allah ke naam par hi sahi, ye try karne ki koshish zaroor karna.mujhe poora vishwas hai tum apni nafrat ko jeet sakte ho. nafrat kuch deti nahi. chheen zaroor leti hai.

    2. @ mohammad : jo bhi santhana dharma(hinduism) nibhathehai,un log sudharne ka zaroorat naih hai..!ap logon ki jaisa blind believers ko sudharna zarurat hai..! don't even think for a second that u people are Sachche sanatani without knowing the meaning of sanathana..! how can u tell u are practising santhana if u follow Islam..??it is a closed religion with limited righteousness and u should bound for till lifetime..! You people think that for protecting Islam you can do anything harm..!Do u actual think it is the santhanadharma..! Sanathanadharma mainly relies on penance,Non-violence,respecting humanity..!your Islam has no right talk about Humanity coz in Quran,it is already stated that there is no holiness in mankind except in Allah..! You people don't even worth to mention names of Ravana( knowledged in 6 vedas),kamsa and Tarakasura..! They are evil in nature and sure got their punishment and wait till u get the same like them bcoz of arrogance,stupidity and life time innocence..!

  30. If there is any contradiction in believe of Islam i suggest you to get cheap umrah packages and you can see with your own what Muslims are actually doing there.

  31. India me har women ko devi kaha jata hai aur man ko dev, Actually there was a time when the world's population was assumed as 33 crore so they are called 33 crore devi devta. God is present in every human & saitan is present in every bad people. Hinduism is a very practical religion. Today scientists use latest machine to track the movement of planets, but in Hindu veda there are few calculations by which u can find it and the results are 100% perfect. There was a concept of MAYA that every thing have MAYA, later scientist terms it as universal law of gravity, means every thing have gravitational power. There are religious stories that never say to worship any god, they only teach morality. And what i find, Dharma has noting to do with the concept of god. Dharma is ur responsibility.

  32. Its amazing to see how passionate people are when it comes to religion and most of the time not in a positive way as all our religions have taught us. Most of us have lost ourselves fighting over which religion is right or wrong, which started first or second. Honestly does it really matter, stop for a second and take a deep breath, close your eyes, he/she (GOD) is there. We have forgotten how to feel the presence of God without giving him a name or idolizing him. Would our God want us fighting with each in his name? If we believe in God then we must obviously believe that there is a devil to. I believe that religion is the devils creation made to use something that is so fundamental to us against each other, that is our FAITH. But that is only my opinion. My respect for others doesn't come from what religion or even what colour a person is but from the fact that we were all created from one force in this universe, as my Dad used to say "Be Good and Do Good" it may not make me richer or poorer but it makes me feel good about who I am. How can we sit and pray trying to portray ourselves as pure to God with hatred in our hearts?

  33. Oh tu jo bhi h is website ko band kr le bilkul kisi b religion k bare me kehna galat h samjha na so its better to remove all this stupid things this is crime n about the muslim religion n allah i want to tell u that earth k upar b allah likha hua h aur jo aaj tak out of earth gya h usne niche aa k muslim religion hi chuna h why bcoz allah is the 1 nd Mohammad is messenger n 1 thing in makka dont have any type of black stone ok it was white before so its better that u know all thing about islam nd remove this stupid thing now i'll complaint to police n this is so stupid shit things

    1. allah aur islam 1400 saal pehle to nhi tha aur dharti ko crodon saal purani hai fir aap kaise keh sakte hain ki dharti par aaya insan islamic hi hota hai aur upar se girne wali har chij islamic ho jati hai? hajrat mohammad ke pita to muslaman nhi they aur na hi unke dada aur unke aage aur purkhe to fir unki kya dhsa hogi?

    2. zubair bhai kya tum upar se allah lika hua dekh ke aye ho?to phir niche kyu aye?upar allah ko pyare kyu nahi hogaye,sah baat tumlog ko karwdi lagti hai,blog mei jo kuch likha hai sab logical hai

  34. hindu ek eaishi religion hei jo kosine create nehi keya...mohommad aake islam create keya, Jesus ne Christian create kiya, lord buddha ne Buddhist create kiye. par hindu aapne aap aaya world me...aadim manus dhuire dhure jab prithbi ke bare me janne laga tab jo jo chij unlogo ke jine k liye sak jarurat thi o sab chij o ko wo lok vagban k najar me dekhne laga....

    for example : aag, pani , nadi, hawa, surraj, chand, per(TREE), jangal, light, janbar etc. jo jo chiso se unlogoko help milta tha jine k liye o sab ko VAGBAN k najar me dekhne laga tha, eske chalte hindu o ko etna sara god hei or sab k puja hamlog karte hai..

  35. uske bad dhire dhure jai insan advance hone laga tab wo lok aapne samaj k bare ma sara prithbi k bare me janne laga & banjaro jaisa jindegi na jike ek culturalal life jine k liye aapne vabnayoko bikshit kareka kosis kiye...

    samaj ko thik thak conduct karne k liye wo lo samaj ko 4 part me divide kiya..usme se ek part thi samaj k unnoti k liye sochega..wo log muni rishi the..unlogone imagine keye the ki insan ke progress k liye insan o ke life style or or change karna parega...uske bad unlogo ne kuch aache rules insano ke aanda laya dire dire...o rules hei DHARAM....wahi se Hinduism start hoya...

  36. anybody who like my previous comment pls convert it to English in your own word. i am no able to write English. & i want to make people know those thing...

  37. chal nikal.... yeh sab faakhne ki baate hai.... ab chup chaap sai delete kar nahi toh google authority mai complaint karta hu.....


    1. It is Best to use Santhana dharma not hinduism..! hinduism is the name only given by Britishers and some foreigners without knowing the true value of Our Religion..! Many Non-believers still thinking Hinduism is the name awarded as we are in Hind region and the people are called Hindus..!it is utterly wrong..! Sanathana dharma is the original essence of religious dieties which we are following now :) :) :)It is the Most Sacred religion in this entire World

  39. Follow yourself.God wants us to be good and live like a family.We do not have a single teacher to teach in school as are the Do good and be good.See inside yourself the supreme lord.

  40. Anyway, the information given in the article is of much importance and scholars should come and go through it and if a consensus among the Hindus and Muslims can be got arrived by the conclusions of this article then it shall be for the entire humanity. I praise auh=thor to open new gates for thoughts.

    1. Until unless the doors of stupidity arenot closed,they donot seek the true value of the mighty religion Sanathana Dharma(Hinduism)and eternal God Shiva,it will be always controversial with their ignorance and blind beliefs :) :) Jai Hind

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. whoever says that hinduism came first.....they all r right.....but the real truth is when allah created the earth he had faith on them
    that they follow the right path...but they choose the wrong path...idol worship

    that is why he sent muhamad to show us the right path.....and that black stone was the stone which helped muhamad to built mecca...he stood up on the stone and built the upper part of is the reality
    and my dear muslim brother snd sisters .no need to fight with them aur only duty was to tell them the they will see on the day of judgement

  42. Allah cant make a computer and cant make baby :p . ............
    and u know what....allah hu fucker.....and allah hu gobber....allah is a fake .....wher is ur allah show me ur allah face .......i piss ur allah mounth.....and u know ur citys name ? look lahore == LA HORE......lmao LA WHORE look ur Islamabad .....( Islam a bad ) :)........pakistan = paki stan ... paki ( pak gai ) stan ( dudh / boobs ) lol all muslim guys and gays Rply me my id is >_<so Nice too meet you all muslim pigs Now shut up and go to hell all muslim......... Come back, start talking, then shut up and go to hell again. Repeat this process 4323434x... O_o

    1. then why all prophets came ADAM,Noah,Abraham Jesus,Moses,Shoaib,ayyub,ismayil,yakub (PBH) (124,000 prophets) to say GOD is One?
      why they bet their life to establish the truth?
      God always says, World is for you,what you do freely, I won\'t stop you.but I gave you Rules to make you good.if you don't follow then you'll understand after life.
      why in all religion's holy book said it?
      Think just carefully.not think like a stupid. if God doesn't exists then no prophets wasn't' come.they didn't also bet their life. Jesus bet his life to establish the truth.more Prophet, messengers were died by at that time of ppl of their place.why? what was their intension? to be superior. if they wanted to show them superior they would say "worship me,cz i'm the God. but they didnt. do you have mind? if you have mind then don't use like those shitty words.

  43. Hi, iam got some questions to muslims, pls. explain me,
    mohammed break all the idols but why he left one in mecca and why he touch it and kiss it?
    why all the muslims have long beard and short mustache?
    what is the difference between halal meeet and non halal meet?
    when and who written quran?
    why ladies has to cover the whole body with burka?
    why only mens going mosque to pray not ladies?
    why allah allow men can get lot of wife but women should not do that?
    what all the muslims do when they doing namaz like fist person bow again the wall and the back persons bow agains someones back of the boby? (instead of this keep a fresh flower in front of everyone look the flower and think ur allah is inside or sittig top of the flower (not only flower, water, fire like natural thinks) which is made by god)
    i got lot of questions , iwill post later


    1. the black stone<>>hajre aswad Its physical appearance is that of a fragmented dark rock, polished smooth by the hands of millions of pilgrims. Islamic tradition holds that it fell from Heaven to show Adam and Eve where to build an altar.when Adam and Eve came down to earth some of heavenly object are also came down. Hajre aswad one of was white. but after occurring sin it becoming black and more black.
      Regarding the black stone, Hajr-e-Aswad, Umar the illustrious companion of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), said:

      "I know that you are a stone and can neither benefit nor harm. Had I not seen the Prophet (peace be upon him) touching (and kissing) you, I would never have touched (and kissed) you".
      [Sahih Bukhari, Volume 2, Chapter 56, Tradition No. 675]

      "Umar ibn al-Khattab (580-644), the second Caliph, came to kiss the Stone, he said in front of all assembled: "No doubt, I know that you are a stone and can neither harm anyone nor benefit anyone. Had I not seen Allah's Messenger [Muhammad] kissing you, I would not have kissed you."
      and the kabba house made by Ibrahim (pbh) and his son (ismayil) .not by Muhammad (pbh).

    2. why all the muslims have long beard and short mustache? >
      > its a tradition of muslim. in vedas it also said another king will come they will do Khatna, and they will have long beard and short mustache.

      what is the difference between halal meeet and non halal meet?
      >> halal meat which is halal to like cow, ox etc. but haram is prohibited as like pig's meat.monkey meat,or ferocious animal's meat. pig and ape were cursed men,who were cursed by some prophets.ape were cursed in Hajrat Moses (pbh), who were mocking about prayer.

      when and who written quran?
      Quran words came through Angel Zibayil (Gabriel),Zibrayil always brought all words to all prophets (Issac, mosues, david, jesus).also to Muhaammad.when the word came.muhaammed has to memorize,and recite to tell zibrayil again to be accurate and he ordered to memorize other friends (sahabi).some of sahabi were from diffrent location (siriya,jordan,persia etc).so their pronouncing was different.and quran words came to muhaamad in differnt situation.but zibrayil later said which sentence will go where and after where.then Muhammad also said to his sahabis later some of sahabis wrote together quran to show muhaammad.and muhaamad made edt of sentence were will be gone to attach with which place.and made a copy of quran.and kept that 1st copy to his wife Hafsa (r) and but after passed away of muhammad, in the ruling time of Kalipha Usman he noticed ppl read quran in differnt way.and 70 hafez sahabi died (who learned whole quran) in a war ,so he called all of sahabis who were in charge to memorize quran parts (differnt sahabi learned differnt sentences )
      so he ordered to them write what they knew. as Usman memorized also whole quran by muhammad,so he and jayed bin sabit (who also memorize whole quran), organnize quran again of the writing part of sahabis and made a copy comparing to bibi Hafsa 's copy. and burnt those parts what other sahabis wrote.sahabis became angry of that work.but usman said if he didnt burn our next generation will made those part in a differnt quran and quran words will be altered. later he gave back the copy of hafsa.and made lot of copy according the orginal one.and sent lot of countries.thus quran was stored

    3. why ladies has to cover the whole body with burka?
      burka not islamic determined dress.hijab means to wear loose type dress (not tight fitted),
      see in :

      why only mens going mosque to pray not ladies?
      There is no any hindrance for women to pray in the Mosques along with men. At the time of the Prophet, women used to perform prayers in the Mosque along with men. Not only that, but they used to attend religious classes and share the events such as the `Eid prayers with men. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is reported to have said, “Do not prevent the she-servants of Allah from Allah's mosques.”

      why allah allow men can get lot of wife but women should not do that?
      its not have option just.

      what all the muslims do when they doing namaz like fist person bow again the wall and the back persons bow agains someones back of the body?
      its the leading process to prayer. and its not to mean bow before wall. it can be wide place also.leading process teach us to be united.but thought we're not enough united.

  44. hi kashifa khan i just want to ask what muslims people follow, they just follow againt existing in the world.
    like everypart of the world people writing towards rightside (eg.globe rotates towards right),
    but muslims writting towards leftside why?
    i muslim friend told me allah made adam in clay first and then he gave power to live, why allah choose clay,
    he might make adam directly. u said allah sent muhamed to show right path why sent him only 1400 years before because the world starts more than 10000 years ago, why allah forgot this world for long time, maybe that why he sent him very late. if allah sent him when people start workshiping i can accept that but workship idol for so many thousands years ago, can u make a nice idols i can't , allah gave that talent to some peoples
    only if idol workship is not right why allah gave this talent to people just think its a basic thing, this is problem with muslim people they never thing or they should not think, are u still reading your year 1 books
    i hope ur not then why u follow quran which written 1400 years ago, please update yourself, allah is our father he never punish, ur father punish u when we
    done something wrong he won't wait until u done all the wrong things and then punishment in judgement. allah always watch us

    1. ut muslims writting towards leftside why?
      in arabic and in muslim way always start from right side.start point is main when we do odhu (washing before prayer) even in bath,we do start from rightpart of body.then leftpart.

      why allah choose clay? see the meaning of 2.
      1 a stiff, sticky fine-grained impermeable earth that can be moulded when wet
      2 literary the substance of the human body: this lifeless clay

      allah is our father he never punish, ur father punish u<>
      allah not one's father. coz allah said,
      Say He is Allah,
      The One and Only;
      Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
      He begets not,
      Nor is He begotten;(not given birth or being birth from someone)
      And there is none
      Like unto Him.
      in vedas and upanisad its' said
      Ekam Evadvitiyam”
      “He is only one without a second.”
      (Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1)
      Allah, the Eternal, Absolute.

      He begetteth not, Nor is He begotten;
      (Al Qur’an 112:2-3)

      It has similar meaning as:
      “He who knows Me as the unborn, as the beginning-less, as the Supreme Lord of all the Worlds.”
      (Bhagvad Gita 10:3)
      and “Of (check – or For Him?) Him there is neither parents nor Lord.”
      (Shwetashvatara Upanishad 6:9)

      3. And there is none Like unto Him.
      (Al Qur’an 112:4)

      A similar message is given in Shwetashvatara Upanishad & Yajurveda:
      “Na Tasya pratima asti”
      “There is no likeness of Him.”
      (Shwetashvatara Upanishad 4:19 & Yajurveda 32:3)

      Remember, the Brahma Sutra of Hindu Vedanta is:
      ‘Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan”
      “Bhagwan ek hi hai dusara nahi hai, nahi hai, nahi hai, zara bhi nahi hai”.
      “There is only one God, not the second, not at all, not at all, not in the least bit”.

      read more:

    2. 10000 years ago, why allah forgot this world for long time, maybe that why he sent him very late?

      when satan (the devil) challenged with GOD if GOd gave chance then he'll prove that he'll converts to evil mind of all Adam's future generation.then Allah said " ok if you can then your follower and both you will go to hell to burn after judgement day.then God said, i'll send my selected person who will guide them.that the plan to make them in a straight way.every nation got a direction.

      when Adam's death drew near, he appointed his son
      Seth (Shiith) to be his successor,later more came but prophet Nuh (Noah) who made huge boat to save the righteous ppl from that flood. and from that time idol worship begins. when the time of his death came,more:

  45. Agree or disagree itz in ur own hands. Publish of tis article is just what he is found in his own way. Open talk about own opnion is their own rights. If u r nt agree just ignore it! By fighting each other ull nvr ever gt the true story of god bcoz we found by learning from own religions n nt by seen the god. Only god know who r him, comes from where n wic religion or no religions. My believes is 1 god for 1 world. Stop fighting guys n respect other religions.

  46. how ever its to say about religion everyone knows very well in the world Hindu religion came first in world
    christian and Muslim are made after and how ever they are not a real god actually they became due to their good thinking and behavior where as all religion thinking is same to good to serve poo people but in Hindu religion we can find many thing we can know many as open book but Hindu religion is Hindu 786 number related Muslim religion it became through Hindu religion in mac ca is also god shiv Ramadan start from ram which belongs god ram

  47. what does these means ??
    Upanishads are one of the sacred Scriptures of the Hindus.
    i. Chandogya Upanishad Chapter 6 Section 2 verse 1
    It is mentioned in the Chandogya Upanishad:
    “Ekam Evadvitiyam”
    “He is one only without a second.”
    (Chandogya Upanishad 6:2:1)
    (The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan pg. 447 & 448)
    (Sacred Books of the East Volume 1, the Upanishads Part I Page 93)

    ii. Shwetashvatara Upanishad Chapter 6 verse 9
    It is mentioned in the Shwetashvatara Upanishad
    “Nacasya kascij janita na cadhipah”
    “Of Him there are neither parents nor Lord.”
    (Shwetashvatara Upanishad 6:9)
    (The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan pg. 745)
    (and in Sacred books of the East volume 15, the Upanishads Part II Page 263)

    iii. Shwetashvatara Upanishad Chapter 4 verse 19
    It is mentioned in Shwetashvatara Upanishad
    “Na tasya pratima asti”
    “There is no likeness of Him”.
    (Shwetashvatara Upanishad 4:19)
    (The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan pg 736 & 737 )
    (and in Sacred books of the East Volume 15, the Upanishads part II, Page no. 253)

    iv. Shwetashvatara Upanishad Chapter 4 verse 20
    It is mentioned in Shwetashvatara Upanishad
    “na samdrse tisthati rupam asya, na caksusa pasyati kas canainam”.
    “His form cannot be seen, no one sees Him with the eye”.

    (Shwetashvatara Upanishad 4:20)
    (The Principal Upanishad by S. Radhakrishnan pg. 737)
    (And in Sacred books of the East Volume 15, the Upanishad part II, Page no. 253)


    The most popular amongst all the Hindu Scriptures is the Bhagwad Geeta.
    Bhagwad Geeta mentions

    “Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires worship demigods” that is “Those who are materialistic, they worship demigods” i.e. others as deities besides the True God.

    (Bhagwad Geeta 7:20)

    It is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita

    “He who knows Me as the unborn, as the beginning-less, as the Supreme Lord of all the worlds...”

    (Bhagwad Geeta 10:3)


    Vedas are the most sacred amongst all the Hindu Scriptures. There are principally 4 Vedas: Rig Ved, Yajur Ved, Sam Ved, and Atharva Ved.

    i. Yajurveda Chapter 32, Verse 3

    It is mentioned in Yajurveda
    “na tasya pratima asti”
    “There is no image of Him”
    It further says, “as He is unborn, He deserves our worship”.
    (Yajurveda 32:3)

    (The Yajurveda by Devi Chand M.A. pg. 377)
    ii. Yajurveda Chapter 40 Verse 8
    It is mentioned in Yajurveda Chapter 40 verse 8
    “He is bodiless and pure”.(Yajurveda 40:8)

    (Yajurveda Samhita by Ralph I. H. Griffith pg. 538)
    iii. Yajurved Chapter 40 Verse 9
    It is mentioned in Yajurved
    “Andhatma pravishanti ye assambhuti mupaste”
    “They enter darkness, those who worship natural things.”
    E.g. worship of natural elements air, water, fire, etc.
    (Yajurveda 40:9)

    It further continues and says
    “They sink deeper in darkness those who worship sambhuti i.e. created things”
    E.g. created things such as table, chair, idols, etc.
    (Yajurveda Samhita by Ralph T. H. Griffith pg. 538)

    i. Atharva Veda book 20 hymn (chapter) 58 verse 3
    It is mentioned in Atharva Veda

    “Dev Maha Osi”

    “God is Verily Great.”

    (Atharva Veda 20:58:3)

    (Atharvaveda Samhita Vol. 2, William Duright Whitney pg. 910)

    The oldest and most sacred amongst all the Vedas is the Rigveda.

    i. Rigveda Book no. 1, Hymn No. 164, verse 46

    It is mentioned in Rigveda Book no. 1, hymn No. 164 verse 46

    “Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti”

    “Sages (learned Priests) call one God by many names”.

    (Rigveda 1:164:46)

    Truth is one, God is one, sages call it by various names.
    A similar message is given in Rigveda, Book 10, hymn 114, verse 5.

    ii. Rigveda Book 2 hymn 1

    Rigveda gives no less than 33 different attributes to Almighty God. Several of these attributes are mentioned in Rigveda Book 2 hymn 1

  48. Religion always make diverts it. all Prophets even Adam (the First man (peace be upon him)) also worshiped of one GOD. Islam means surrender yourself to one,almighty GOD. that's all prophets taught us.but after time to time we've changed it.

  49. Muslim's Qibla (Praying direction ) was Baytul Muqaddas. Jewish also prayer towards it. later Qibla (Praying direction )changes to mecca,it was build by prophet Ibrahim ans his son Ismail. muhammad didnt make it. you fool. Ibrahim is our father of nation of Muslim. we believe what all prophets always said about one GOD. Adam to Muhammd (total 124000 messengers came) always wanted establish worship to one GOD...nothing don't make puzzle its shiv of you idol Durga. God said Every messenger got info and warned about muhammad prophecy. he'll born in Kabba area. but when he came to world ,no one accepted him. thats why we tell them Kafir (means :who tries to hide truth).but truth is one about GOD and that is:
    Ekam Evadvitiyam”
    “He is one only without a second.”,
    Nacasya kascij janita na cadhipah”
    “Of Him there are neither parents nor Lord.”
    “na tasya pratima asti”
    “There is no image/pratima/idol of Him”
    “na samdrse tisthati rupam asya, na caksusa pasyati kas canainam”.
    “His form cannot be seen, no one sees Him with the eye”.

    “Andhatma pravishanti ye assambhuti mupaste”
    They sink deeper in darkness(are illiterate ) those who worship sambhuti i.e. created things”
    “Dev Maha Osi”
    “God is Verily Great.” (=allahu Akbar)
    “Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti”
    “Sages (learned Priests) call one God by many names”.

    Allah= alo + ilah = lighten + God

    there's a upanisad about Alo" look for it

    1. Excellent explanation of all religious balance.

  50. The proof i can give you about this all fake story is that you are giving reference from the books whom are just printed recently within last 100 years. You should read more then 1400 year old book known as QURAN. the true and ultimate book of this world. for more details you can also read the bible , Gospel and thorah . just dont make up stories and keep it continue like crazy .

    1. chutiye... in saari kitabo me sab apni hi gaand laal karte hai....
      pad sakta hai to geeta etc pad...
      jisme kisi aur ke baare me kuch ni likha...u knw why...
      we are the oldest religion in this world...

      suck it looser

    2. salaudin..yaar tu school nahi gaya kya?ya si madrase mei maulana sahab ke hatho apne ghar ki aurato ka muh kala hote hi dekha hai?gadhe ke bacche ,geeta,upnishad,vedas kya tujhe 100 yrs purane hi lage?tum log sale kuwe ke mendak hi ho

  51. well if we will go into detail there will be so many fake things could easily be point out. For example.. the word nama and jama as you have mentioned has nothing to take with the word namaz because Namaz is the urdu translation of word Salat and Qur'an is in Arabic language and there is no word Namaz in Arabic.

    Further more just putting one or two reference from Quran in order to support your idol-ship will not make any difference. Hindus worship from trees to monkeys and from snake to mouse and this thing itself tells that how broader your mind set is and how deep you think.

    If you read Quran and the stories that has been told in it and the lessons you will automatically know how true this is and this is from one supreme power. I will request everybody here who thinks it is true just read Quran for one time (with translation in his own language) and he will come to know the truth.. and Allah knows best..

  52. They talk about Muhammad being mentioned in the Hinduic scripts. Even few logics are also presented. But the thing is they know not Hinduism in deep.

    Do you know why a horse has its one leg in the air while its three legs in the ground? ...
    I bet no one does... The four legs of the horse represents the four Vedas (Rig, Sam, Yajur and Atharva Vedas).
    Here's the truth ... Ved Vyas was only the knower of Rig Veda, Sam Veda and Yajur Veda except for the Atharva Veda.
    Atharva Veda was never explained by anyone... I mean none, not even Vyas! So, one of the few tasks of Kalki becomes - to explain the knowledge of Atharva Veda (symbollically - the fourth leg of Kalki's horse).

    I'm saying this because Prophet Muhammad had never ever explained the knowledge Atharva Ved in the Mecca, or did he? Please, ask this question to those who claim that Prophet Muhammad to be Kalki.

    But why are the leaders presenting "Muhammad" as "Kalki"? ... You know Why? ... cuz they don't know who Kalki is ... It is just their hunch! ... Yeah, few similarities are presented but I think that isn't fully sufficient to prove that Muhammad is Kalki.

    But on the other hand, (according to my perspective, the perspective that I had developed on my own from the wisdom of Mahamati Prannath), Rasul Muhammad is partially Kalki (in one way)!!! ... Do you wanna know why? ... Then, please read Alif Lam Mim. Alif Lam Mim is
    the Kalki of Hindus!!! And not even the Hindus or the Muslims ever knew of this fact!!!
    Rasul Muhammad's spirit was also present in Kalki (or Mahamati Prannath)!!

    And Mahamati Prannath is Kalki because he had explained the Atharva Veda in its original sense!!! Thus, by explaining Atharva Veda, Mahamati Prannath (the Kalki) has ridden his horse!

    Also download the biography of Mahamati Prannath by clicking here, and read it for yourself if you don't believe me a bit!!!

    1. Interesting theory.

      The Awaited Kalki Avatar/Imam Mehdi/Messiah is Lord Ra Gohar Shahi, whose image has appeared in the Black Stone (Maha Shiv Ling). In fact, one of His images in the Black Stone is of Him on a horse. You will find that the prophecies concerning the Awaited One are fulfilled by Him. ( and

  53. nice joke..... kaaba is siva linga.... u guyz are insane.... ur idols have no values.... its worse than dog shit u maroons...

  54. saari batein chutiyape ki hai....
    apni behano ko chod ke ...apne bhanje paida karne wale pigs(musalman)...
    is website pe ja....
    ye ek musalman ne likhi hai jo ab gaandu nahi raha...matlab he has converted from islam...

    betichod hamari religious books me bhi kisi aur religion ka naam tak ni hai....
    aur teri me...isko maro usko maro ... sabko maaro...
    behenchod... kitne chutiye ho tum...
    saalo besharmi chodo... ab to maan jao...
    kyu maa chudwana chahte ho....

    1. abe gadhe, tu hi bta de ki population kaise increase huyi.agar tere manu aor satroopa tere hisab se chalte to tu aaj paida nahi hota ,dimag use karle agar ho to. sonch jab is duniya me sirf ek aadmi aor ek aurat hi pahle aaye to population kaise increase huyi, jahir si baat hai manu aor satroopa ne apne beto ki shadiya apni betiyo se ki hongi.

  55. The Problem within the Hindu Kafirs is that they Cannot Trust on one God..Every where they find the image of their god..These Shameless Creatures Comparing Shiva Linga with our Holy Place..Hindus have more than 33 Crores of gods which Includes Male god, Female gods as well as Animal Gods..U should decide which god do u worship..More about the Shiva Linga u can also find it out in the Pussies of Durga, Kali, Saraswati and of course Gow mata..Please start Licking it up an start worshipping of all these sexiest goddess pussies..And one more things is the Hindusim is derived from the word Pigism...Research proved that
    "i" is 2nd word used in both the Hindu....Pig...and Gita...It Clearly indicates that all Hinduism is based on Pigism..and hindus are Pigs..


  56. Hindu is the real religion. Even ur mohhamud prophet was born as a hindu

    1. Ur father was Hindu sik msjoosi not our Prophet

  57. why you are cut your penies(Lund) can you explain.....all muslims please....

    1. This custom was originated in desert, where there is no water. There will always be dirt beneath the skin and it has to be cleaned regularly with water, if not will cause infection. There is no water even to drink, how they will clean it. The only thing they can do was to remove the skin. Other than this, there is no science in it.

  58. Hahah this is funny, the blogger wrote whatever came to his Cranium without using any common sense and resources.

    Anyways, I'm not into abusing and degrading religions. There is a verse in the Holy Quran that says "Lakum deenukum wal'ya deeen" which means, "Tumara deen tumare sath hamara deen hamare sath". So chill and close this thread.

    P.S. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Hinduism is Largely confined to only India.

  59. I have visited various destinations, but whenever i read your blog, my senses are left spell bound for a minute and i'm forced to go weave the imaginative cob webs in my mind. I liked your blog and would like you to explore more on Hindu Pilgrimage Tours.

  60. I don’t believe God and semitic god are one and the same. The semitic religions have the foundation of same god. Semetic god is a rebel of God/Knowledge.

    Platform : Judaism had formed by Moses nearly 5000 years back, the time line is equal to Kaliyuga’s inception. As per Hindu scripture, Kali is a former Devan (god), who was expelled from heaven, as a result of acting against human being. Kaliyuga is the war between God and rebel god. That, the rebel god will create an army against God, he will destroy Dharmam in the earth and at the peak stage Kalki will come to save the Dharma.

    In the evolution procedure of Mankind, normally their prime gods will be natural forces. All the ancient cultures gods are closely related to nature. The only ancient culture surviving today is Hindu Culture, all the other cultures are destroyed due to the outburst of semitic religions. The concept of religion has formed only by the outcome of semitic religions. There was no religion for Egyptians, Romans, Greeks, Pagans, etc. There was separate gods for all these cultures, but based on these gods there was no concept of religion. We can find many similarities in the ancient cultures’ concept of god and their mythology. Some cultures’ are more adhere to fantasy, some were mixture of pure science and fantasy. Undoubtedly civilized cultures had scientific base. Among the cultures Hindu Culture had more scientific knowledge than the others. Hindu culture had only defined God on the basis of pure science. Sruthis, Smrithis, Upanishaths, Vedas, Puranas, etc. are purely based on scientific knowledge.

  61. In Hindu Culture, science based civilization was at its magnitude. All the branches of science were enriched.

    For instance :
    Rasatantra Samuchaya speaks of well equipped chemical labs, employing more than 32 pieces of apparatus for chemical and pharmaceutical investigations. Called it as ‘Yantra’. Distillation of Perfumes, ointments were well known. The word ‘scent’ is etymologized to Sanskrit word Sugandha.

    Agastya Samhita Explains of preparation of battery electrical cell.

    Bhugoldaya in Surya Sidhantha says that, as the earth is round every person considers himself at the top of the earth where he or she is standing. So downward direction is towards the center of the earth.

    Aryabhatta was the first to deduce that the earth is round. The period of one sidereal rotation of the earth, as given by Aryabhatta is 23 hours 56 minute 4 second 0.1 fractions, which is verymuch accurate to modern value. Speed of light was first deduced by Saayana. Bhaskaracharya : Genius in Algebra. Acharya Kanad : Founder of Atomic Theory. Charak Acharya : Father of Medicine. Sushrutha Acharya : Father of Plastic Surgery. Varahamihir : Father of Astrology. Acharya Bharadwaja : Father of Aviation Technology. Acharya Kapil : Father of Cosmology. Most magnificent about all these is that, these scientists time line is of BCE. This was the case of our culture.

    Other cultures were also enriched with knowledge ;
    The Roman empire pioneered all sorts of technology and art during its time at the top of civilized life. There are magnificent structures like the aqueducts and the colosseum, not to mention the towering statues that survive to this day. One object that has scientists interested right now is much smaller: the Lycurgus Cup. They were well versed Nano construction. Modern Gregorian Calender is modeled very close tom Roman Version. Julian calendar was perfect. Surgery was known to Romans. Claudius Ptolemy is known as a mathematician, astronomer, geographer, astrologer, and poet of a single epigram in the Greek Anthology. Claudius Ptolemy world map is most significant contribution of Ptolemy and his maps is the first uses of longitudinal and latitudinal lines and the specifying of terrestrial locations by celestial observations. Sosigenes was the father of Austronomer of Roman Empire, he was aware of the motions of the planets. Julian Calender was designed by him. Pliny the Elder, Galen, etc. were the names of Roman Scientists.

    Egyptians are well versed in Architecture. Though the ancient Egyptians probably did not classify science in the same manner we do today, various evidence points to certain disciplines. These included anatomy (for art), astronomy and astrology, which were inseparably linked in ancient Egypt, biology and veterinary medicine, chemistry, geography, geology, history, law, linguistics, mathematics, including geometry, medicine, mineralogy, pedagogy (education), philosophy, physics, particularly related to mechanics, sociology and theology.

    Greek civilization is considered to be the birthplace of many astonishing discoveries and some of these ancient Greek inventions are used even today by man. While some of them laid the foundations of a better future. All branches of science were at its peak stage by the contributions of Aristotle, Plato, Euclid, Archemedes, Hippocrates, etc.

  62. Ancient Knowledge and Modern Science
    We can conclude that civilized society atleast had basic scientific knowledge of the universal theorems. Not only that most modern theorems were known to these ancient cultures. Aviation Technique, Plastic Surgery, Metallurgy, engineering techniques, etc were known to them by BCE itself. But the modern science had made these advancements only few decades ago. If these cultures were not destroyed and the Hindu culture is not attacked and suppressed, surely these knowledge ought have shared to generations. Einstein, Newton, etc would have born in a world were there already was Law of Motion.

    Suppression of Knowledge : platform of the Semitic Religions.

    We had studied in our school days that Megallan had traveled by water around the world to find out that the earth is round. Megallan was portugese. He had conducted this travel on 10th August 1519. He was living in a world were ignorance prevailed that earth is plain. As he is a scientist his knowledge contradicted with the beliefs existed in the society. During the period, in Europe there prevailed many delusions, which were purely against the knowledge subsisted in the other parts of the world. This ignorant world was based on semitic religions.

    Semitic religions, its teachings doctrines were in conflict with the science. For instance: Genesis 1:1 vs. the Big Bang; the order of creation vs. the order of evolutionary appearance; the Biblical curse on all creation vs. the evolutionary development of complexity; young Earth vs. old Earth; Adam's sin brought death vs. extinction brought man; the global flood vs. evolutionary uniformitarianism; earth is plain stands on a pillar, etc. In each of these cases, the Biblical teaching can be supported but individual scientific observations are hard to accommodate.

    Mass Murders / Inquisition / Witch Craft
    Those who questioned the faith of the church had to suffer. Christian church had complete control over government, human life and spirit, we can see from the inquisition, just how sick these people are and just what lengths they will go to get you to accept "Jesus." Just as is seen in the numerous Christian abuses of children today, years ago, with the Inquisition, girls as young as nine and boys as young as ten were tried for witchcraft. Children much younger were tortured to extract testimony against their parents.¹ Children were then flogged while they watched their parents burn. From 1st century to till this date, the Christian Church murdered, tortured, mutilated and destroyed millions and millions of lives both directly through the Inquisition and indirectly through all of the wars they incited. The damage and destruction this foul religion has perpetrated against humanity is almost beyond comprehension. Most people aren't even aware of the facts. From 300 BCE to till this, they have murdered nearly 7 crores of people whole over the world.

    Socretes, Copernicus, Galeleo Galilie, Magellan, Joan of Arc, Jan Hus, Giordano Bruno , etc, etc, etc…. were murdered for revealing the truth/ knowledge. Science was totally suppressed by the semitic religions.

    Semetic religions spread all over the world, by destroying the prevailed cultures of the land and suppression of knowledge. Hindu culture has alone survived the semitic force, destroying Hindu culture based on Bharath was always prime aim for the semitic religions.

    We can conclude that semitic religions are enemies of the mankind. As the semitic religions is based on the single god, more specifically we can say that the their god is the rival of mankind.

    Pope John Paul II had to make apologies for the inquisition and mass murders made by the church over the 2000 years.

  63. The reason for the Rivalry to Man kind

    As Hindu culture is alone surviving, we have to assume that our culture is the main enemy for their god. In such case, possibly the root of the rivalry could be traced in our culture. As already stated semitic religion has the same time line of Kaliyuga, and their god is the enemy of mankind, it can be concluded that Kali is their god. Kali/ rebel god/ asura has came to the Kaliyuga/ age of Anger to spread hatred and to vanish the mankind from the the phase of earth by destroying Dharmam.

    Their scripture will explain balance plot of hatred.

    Eden Garden Episode : Lie to Mankind : Their god had created Man by directing them not to eat the fruit of knowledge/ fruit of good and evil from the garden also said that all other fruits will be available to you, and if the fruit is touched soon he will die. Thereafter Serpent comes to the scene and advices Eve to eat the fruit by stating that the fruit is tasty and it will open your eyes. As per the advice of the Serpent they eat the fruit of knowledge which was banned by their god to mankind, soon they eat the fruit, their eyes opened and become aware that they are naked.
    In fact their god lied to mankind and banned knowledge to him. Here god had acted against human and lied to him that, he will die soon when he touches the fruit. Then the Serpent comes to the scene as representing Lord Siva, god of knowledge, and gives knowledge to the man. Serpent had done good to the man, by giving him knowledge.

    Knowledge is Sin : Then god visits eden garden and become aware that man had met the Satan (meaning of Satan in Sanskrit if Truth) and received the knowledge. God expels man from the garden by accusing committed sin. God self expresses that, as man had received knowledge, with this knowledge will pluck the fruit from life tree and he will become ONE OF OURSELVES. Here god earlier had banned fruit of knowledge to the man, but later he himself says that fruit of life is also banned. Another thing which will shatter the whole believes of semitic religion is. God self expression, after eating fruit of Life man will become ONE OF OURSELVES. It shows that their god is not the SINGLE GOD, as he claims, infact he is only one among them. As previously stated, as per Hindu scripture, KALI was a ex-Devan, who was expelled from heaven because of acting against human being.

    The Episode of Eden Garden is the base of the Semitic Religions. We seen that base itself is against the man kind.

    What had done to the Civilization
    Before the Semitic Religions there was well flourished civilization in most of the parts of the world. All the most modern theorems were known to them. Consider a situation, were there was no semitic religions, suppression of knowledge/ science shouldn’t have occurred and the ancient knowledge ought have shared to the generations. The semitic religions have curbed the World Civilisation for nearly 2000 years, dragged the world 2000 years backward.

    Even if the semitic religions are based on single god, those religions are intentionally structured in a manner that to destroy each other for ultimate power. The real intention of the rebel god/ Kali is the total destruction of mankind.

    War between God and rebel / Good and Evil is Kaliyuga.

  64. can anybody has ever think about for which purpose we do follow religions , the only one purpose is to decrease the amount of bad deeds we do in our life , God is the one whom we love and our conscience is controlled by Him . so why do we fight for the issues based on religions also would like to tell you God is the strong word and as human being we would have afraid doing right and pious deeds that's why the name of God persists .

    please follow the religion what ever you like but do not hurt anybodies feelings about religion

    also please do what is useful for humanity not only for the sake of your religion

    because of this fight on various forms of religion and dharamas we have faced cruel mass murders and chaos in the society

    everyone here in this world is born for a purpose only nad would surely go after completion of the karma given to him or her so please emphasize on karma not creating problems which are against the human existence

  65. friends aapas me ek doosre ko dharam ke naam par bekaar ki baat karna choodo kahi na kahi saare dharam (religion ) ek doosre se judey huwe hai hum sab hai to insaan hi hum sab ka god allah bagwaan ek hi hai hum saare log ussey alg alag naam se bulaate hai wo ek hi power hai jo is poori duniya ko banaya hai and ek din wohi is dunya ko khatam kar dega usne logon ko dharam ke baare me and apne baaren me batane le liye kisi na kisi prophets ko duniya me bheja hai or sab logon ne maana hai ussi god ko but alag alag naam se
    god ne sab ko alag alag dharam kyu diya yeh sirf wohi jaanta hai iske piche kya reason hai ye sirf usko hi pata hai
    but hum insaan adam or hawa ki hi aulaad hai....(adam and eve)
    baaki dharam ke baarein me tow main jayada nahi jaanta but muslim dharam(islam) ke baarein me maine padha hai
    or mujhe pata chala ki prophet muhammed ke aane se pehle muslim dharam ke manne waale log booth (idol) ki pooja (prayer,ibaadat) karte the but jab prphet muhammed (messenger of god) around 1400 saal pehle aaye tab unhone logon ko iske baare me bataya (aware) kkiya ki hum ko is diniya me bhejne waala ek god hai ek hi power hai hum ko jiski pooja,ibaadat karni chahiye ussey hi mangna chahiye sirf wohi hai jo hum ko deta hai and wo apne haatho se kitne booth ko thod dete the unhone ne apne haathon se boothon ko toda or logon ko bataya ki jo apne aap ko protect nahi kar sakta wo aap logon ko protect (hifaajat) kya karega and slowly slowly sab logon ke god ke power ko feel kiya maanaa and logon ne belive kiya and musalmaan baane or booth(idol) ko (poojna ibaadat) karna band kar diya and ek power (god) ki ibaadat karna shuru kar diya jis power ko muslims ALLAH bolte hai
    or sab muslim logon ne ALLAH ek power ko maanna shuru kar diya

    issey pehle prophet issa (jesus christ) ne bhi around 2000 saal pehle logon ko yahi bataya tha
    unse pehle moses prophet musa ne around 3000 year before bhi yahi sandesh (message) diya tha logon ko.
    islam dharam me hai ki aise god ne around 125000 lakh prophet is duniya me bheja logon ko samjhane ke liye
    and even kaabah ke andar bhi bohot saare booth rakhe huwe the jissey prophrt muhammed ne sab boothon ko thod diya and ek (god) ALLAH ki ibaadat(pooja) karna sikhaya or sab log musalmaan baane and pavitrata ko apnaya or ek power ek god sirf ek allah ko maana

  66. Folks...
    A simple request
    Please watch Ancient Aliens in History TV 18 on 3 o'clock in India
    Use your God's given brain and at least think once on your own
    Whoever it was God Messanger or an Alien
    If he's supreme and has the ability or power do anything
    That thing might had gone all over the world and still not able to keep a single believe
    And that's just because of we fools
    Every religion says that the God is one
    But are we accepting
    We're still fighting for the best religion or the best God
    Use your God damn fuckin brain
    And if he's really there as you believe
    He might have given you the fuckin ability too
    Or else just sit back as an orthodox or an brainless piece of meat...

  67. May the one an only true GOD show mercy on your soles! May he show you to the true path. Brothers & Sisters i will pray for you all. An shiv is an angel the first angel the one with 3 eyes, An the angel Gabriel send to Muhammad had 3 eyes so boys and girls you can start looking into his? Point being God is not an angel he is the alpha omega the creator the one. He is good and people who love him are good his Angels are good so be good and leave the demon's out because if there's good there's bad so please do Not be evil because it is the first sign of not loving GOD so be happy help others Peace ×o×

  68. This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. 33 crore nhi 33 coti ke means 33 parkar ke devi devta

  70. तेरी माँ को चोदु माधरचोद ये फोटो हटा नहीं तो अगली बारी तेरी बहन की है

  71. See, No religion could win over other because the one who fights for religion are not wise men. Just study all religions.

  72. Can I say something to all of you? I m born a Hindu brought up as hindu .Have friends who are Muslim and my girlfriend is Christian. I believe in one God he is supreme I dnt even wana coin this term "God" as its english or "bhagwan" as it is Hindu or "Allah" as it is Islamic. Plzzz answer me this , you all believe in God let it be Hindu god ,Islamic god or christian God, as in every religion God created the world as we Knw it. If u all have knowledge of the fact that humans were not the dominating species from the beginning of life in mother earth ( I will call it mother earth becoz as for us mammalian morthers take care and nurish the young) , many other species of animals roam the earth, (it different if u think that humans were the first being on this planet then I have no use asking u the question) so god must be there b4 everything.. Even b4 language becoz our language evolved and is still evolving. So how can u "name" god.. God is formless he is everywhere, he is not in idiol so he must not have a "name" as names are given to humans we humans understand our language, god created everything us the animals. How can u divide him with names? Its like idol worshiping just the idiol is the form of words. A name has a form like a idol "Shiva" "Allah" "Christ" "Abraham" all are definite like a idol. God is one we all say... Why name it then? Now in this era of globalization we can't fight on religion becoz then we have to isolate each other and try to live without eachother then we will Knw. Live without the oil resources of Arab u won't be able to move anywhere, live without what christains that means most of highly powerful countries Arabs won't have ppl to sell there oil which is one of major income of the middle eastern countries ( face the true america has enough oil resorces in there hand ) then live without Jews u lose ur Facebook in short most of the things u depend on becoz Jews ppl very resources full and powerful ppl , and live without India (mainly Hindus) u lose the workforce the minds behind companies . Every one has its place God gave us everything similar. Suppose (a Muslim was a from some other species and Hindu were some else and every other religion other species) then Its like ok our "god" might be different. Being same blood and bones human "why fight over name?" Naming is a very human thing .. Dnt shame god by fighting over his name we may name him different at last it will b one. Y we think he is like us ? Becoz we have intelligence we think that he is like us? Isnt it making him in our likeness? If he is singularity the real truth then god will not have Name .. Becoz god was the 1st as he created everything b4 letters or words or our ability to use sounds to commicate. You Knw the end of days will come becoz we named god. He won't destroy everything never will some saitanic force but we humans will finish our race. Believe in the humanity people becoz in most of the religions its said that god helps those who help themselves. And it doesn't limit in singular sense. God will help humanity if humans help each other.

  73. We humans have to evolve to a greater species with peace in our hearts or we will kill each other slauter and even kill babies which dnt Knw what religion is but are born by the grace of that open who is with everyone but is one is existence, he who shapes our future and had made us what we are. How can u name such a power with words and fight over it. Ok naming is for remembering and praising god and his power which is enormous but y fight over it? We are lucky we have life other. If we have to protect the humanity and mother earth which is the forms of gods gift which we are blessed with then we have to remove the hate for each other, and continue to believe greater god of humanity becoz god created us equals and all will die and he knws where he will take our thoughts and ideas in our mind after death becoz I won't believe any human telling me what happens after death. Make a heaven here then think of heaven after death. With love and respect to every human being I would like to say plz be peaceful.

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    Jorge Vinicio Santos Gonzalez,
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  77. This is All fake And wrong, Don't misguide people, I am not here to fight, because Islam taught me to be patience, But the true is We only Believe on One Allah, And are followers Of Last Prophet , And true Prophet, Hinduism is Completely different from Us, Kindly If you dont know then dont speak, If you are a well mannered Human being, Amd if You Have questions, then read and understand Quran, If you dare ! Then read Quran, Islam is most peaceful and true religion <3.. Agaiin, I am not here to fight, But please if you don't know then dont speak, Otherwise we can also speak much. but our relegion dont teach us to insult others relegion too, Like you guys :)

    1. You cant misguide the one who have faith try till your last breath :) Allah will guide Us , This will never effect a true muslims heart, Try to understand my point and don't give wrong information to misguide people.

  78. ​Fucking post... nice jok than any ne said the post owner has one father...!!! Fuck you racist... u cannot compare our mecca with the cock of your father shiva..!!! Busty hindus.... fuck you all.!!! If u want to be a human being then be a muslim... dear mother fucker ....!!! Shiva is nothing.... that is a bull shit... u will become known that truth.... fuckers....!!

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  88. Interesting article though a lot is left to assumptions, but that again, assumptions being the true nature of any religion. I wonder why Hindus and Muslims are always at war, then? Is it because of Cow?